You look so good in blue

I have had my entire Fall Out Boy collection on shuffle the last few days. I feel 15 again. I am still yet to organize my iTunes so I currently have no playlists. I'm a real Top Rated girl- I swear I only listen to about 10% of my musical library, yet I always need more!! Next stop is stealing music from the boy.

As you will see from these pictures, this outfit went through a few revisions. It does not react well to having anything belted over. I learnt this after having my gilet belted over it for most of the morning. I now realise that belted the gilet makes me look enormous. I think it is to do with the shape of the dress. It's very, very fitted just under the bust (I couldn't breathe when I first bought it!!) and then it flares out. If you belt it at the waist it just looks really bulky (see here). These photos are a mix of belted, un-belted and without the gilet. I really wanted to wear my brown tights today but I was running late and couldn't find them.

This dress was a total bargain too- £20 in the Top Shop sale after Christmas! I was really hesitant in buying it but now I really love it. I'm really starting to be drawn to simple dresses in block colours. It just means you can have more fun remixing them!! It creases really badly though, as you can see!!

Today I am chilling in the library trying to get as much done as possible. I had a bit of an overwhelming to-do list, but I love that once you break it down into how much you need to do each day it never seems quite so bad. As I have probably mentioned, the boy is in Vegas this weekend so at least I have one less distraction!! My friend Michelle and I are planning to have a lot of fun this weekend- starting with a party tonight!!

dress- topshop
gilet- miss selfridge
shoes- new look
owl necklace- forever 21
belt- primark

Sorry for the kinda-picture-heavy post. I'm really happy with the way these pictures turned out. I'm even starting to quite like taking pictures in the privacy of my own apartment. If nobody is in I can take ages playing with angles and poses and camera settings. I hate taking them in my lobby because people are always walking past and I just feel so awkward!! I would have gone outside today, but as you see, I am not wearing a cardigan and Duluth is having a major snow-storm today. If I look out of the window all I see is foggy whiteness. Still, snow here means it's getting warmer!!

Hope you have an exciting weekend planned!! Let me know what you think of today's outfit and photos :]]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. Gorgeous outfit hun :) And I really love that necklace! Glad it's warming up a bit where you are :)

    L x

  2. what a stunning dress, i really like it! i think it looks nicer without the gilet as you can see the whole dress. i also really like your shoes and awesome owl :)

  3. That dress is such a gorgeous color! It would look amazing with a snowy background, but that would be tough to pull off...brrrr! The indoor photos look great, though. I can't wait to get a new fancy camera someday, I'm glad you're enjoying yours.


  4. I love owl necklace, its so cute and the dress is really pretty!

  5. I love the puffy sleeves and oxfords! <3


  6. Oh, the picture quality is improving so much!

  7. The blue makes your eyes pop! Adding red lipstick? lovely!!

  8. Gorgeous dress and good job with the photos today!

  9. HI,

    I've followed your blog for a while and i really enjoy it. You really inspire me fashion wise. However I just think recently there might have been a little too much mention of your personal life. :]

    Don't take this the wrong way it's a great blog but I miss when it was more focused on fashion - the old days.

  10. You are gorgeous! Even though red is your signature color (which I adore), I just love you in this vibrant shade of blue.

    ps: You have such a gorgeous figure!!!! <33333

  11. i love your necklace :]
    your shoes are gorgy too. and you look fantastic in this dress.

  12. Great outfit, the blue really suits you and I love the necklace and shoes!

  13. This dress is so pretty, very feminine and looks the perfect fit on you. Love the shoes and that necklace is lovely. This collection of pictures is great, love this post :)

  14. Hey, just found your blog and I think you have a great personal style!!! Love this dress so much, and those shoes, ah..

    Following on bloglovin', stop by mine sometimes :)

  15. The cut on that dress is amazing and you look awesome in blue! Love iiiit


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