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It's Sunday!!

1. Sundays
Oh Sundays. A day of catching up on all the homework I didn't do yesterday and not washing my hair. What a wonderful day you are!!

2. Hungry Girl

Is anyone else a huge fan of the Hungry Girl books and website? I have one of her books and I just ordered for 200 Under 200 book today. I love her recipes!!

3. Dates
Not just the romantic kind, but those too. It's great to go out with someone and just spend some time one-on-one. I had had both the luxury of a lovely date with my boyfriend this week and an equally fun date with my friend Laura yesterday to the cinema and for dinner. I love spending time with all the people I've missed!!

4. Carbs

After dieting somewhat excessively since the start of the year I am learning to loosen up a little bit and embrace my love of bread. Yum. I still have a bit of a way to go yet but I'm just being careful about what I eat and in general just eating less!! (image from weheartit)

5. American accents
Oh I love being back over here for the cute American accents!!

6. Unedited conversations
My friends at home are amazing. We can, and do, talk about absolutely anything. They are filthy as hell but I adore them. There is nothing like being completely comfortable among friends!!

7. Dexter
I wasn't going to watch Season 2 until I got home for summer but boredom kicked in last week and I started the second season. Love it already!!

8. Modcloth Faves:

Really wish I had a money tree or someone who loves me lots... 2 months til my birthday!!

10. Waiting for Long Hair
So I can do this fabulous hairstyle!

11. Unconventional Valentines Ideas
Thanks to YourTango! And on the same vein...

13. Kissing facts from The Frisky

26 calories a minute burnt kissing? I'm never going to the gym again!! (image from weheartit)

14. Valentines day
In the last 19 Valentines Days that I have lived through, I think I have been single for about 17 of them. I know I shouldn't buy into this ridiculous holiday, but I'm excited and I'm not going to pretend that I'm not. I'm not saying you need another person to complete you (do not get my feminism streak angered!!) but I like to surround myself with people who make me happy, whether they are male or female, friendships or relationships. Valentines Day is a day to cherish those around you whether you are single or taken. I'm looking forward to making my boyfriend dinner and spending time with him. If I was single I'd be doing the exact same thing with my friends. So embrace a day of extra love this year, or at least treat yourself!!

15. Maria of Lulu Letty
Go read the post inspired by Maria I wrote for College Fashion here :]]] Maria is such an inspirational dresser and such a lovely girl. It was fantastic to interview her!!

16. Contentment
As many of you know, I was stressing out about coming back to the States. I worried it would be so hard to settle back in. But it turns out this place is still home. I'm so happy to be back with my friends, back to classes with engaging professors and back with my boy. I may not be happy all the time, but right now I am content with my life and the way things are going. And I really hope it stays this way.

17. You guys!!
I admit, sometimes blogging gets me down, sometimes it can be stressful. But you guys and your lovely comments make it so worth the while. Thank you for your continued support <33

Charlotte xxx


  1. Loads to comment on here!! Firstly, the them, couldn't live without them! I'm glad you're doing so well with your dieting but remember to be careful with what you're doing coz cutting out carbs and restricting calories can be pretty dangerous (I know =( but that's another story!)
    Anyway, I love every single one of those Modcloth things, I've never been able to order anything from there yet because of shipping here, but I'm going on holiday to Florida next year so planning to order stuff when I'm there haha!
    I'm really excited about Valentine's Day too haha, before 2009 I had never been with anyone for it but this is going to be my third with the boyfriend, amazing!!
    And finallyyyyy, I loved your post on Maria, I read it the other day and it was brilliant! I love her style too =D
    I'll go now and stop rambling on your blog, sorry haha!!
    Sian xx

  2. Haha aww, i bet they all love your british accents. British accents are my absolute fave! I was actually told I sound British so many times overseas, and was happy. Heh! Glad youre happy to be back there too :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Someone told me about Hungry Girl a few months ago and I have been trying to remember the name ever since. Thanks for inadvertently helping me! I have also been eying that blouse. So cute

  4. Valentine's day is one of my favorite holiday...pretty much because I love everything pink, hearts, and chocolately. But this year it's also my boyfriend and my one year anniversary so I'm extra excited! Thoses dresses are adorable! I really like the first one!

  5. Haha! "American" accents being cute? That's cute. Hahah! And don't worry. I've been single for every single one of my Valentine's days, ever, so I'm kind of excited about this one:) A lot!!!!

  6. this is a great post! i love that hairstyle. ive never been to america but I'd love to, you're lucky to live there! hope it all keeps working out. x


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