Just two.

I love you and I know you're reading this, but I am going to take my own outfit photos in future. I am far too much of a control freak to let anyone else do it. However, thank you for moving the sofa to take these.
Charlotte xxx

dress (worn as top) - Forever 21
skirt- Top Shop
cardigan- Primark

Not really much to report. Having done much the last few days but I thought I'd squeeze in an outfit shot. I bought this dress from Forever 21 online a few weeks ago and it hadn't worn it yet. When I put it on it didn't look great so I wish I'd realised it earlier so I could've sent it back!! I think it looks okay with this skirt though, but it stick out a bit at the bottom because it's a bit long!! I bought this cardigan years and years ago and remember seeing someone wearing one like it a few weeks ago so I couldn't wait to come home to be with it!!

I'm seeing my girl friends tonight which should be good and then we're going out in Manchester tomorrow :]] Diet is going okay, not been too hungry yet but I'm yet to see any effects!! My Fitness Pal has been a great tool though :]]

I'm just introducing my parents to Inception and then I'm planning on making this for dinner :]]]

Have a great day :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. cute blog!
    happy new year!
    <3 mode.

  2. That cardigan is so cute! Whenever someone else takes my photos I feel the same way! I try to be nice about it but I like having control over them.

    Lindsey Soup

  3. Such a lovely Outfit! Adore your necklace.

    xx, Alice :)

  4. loving this cardi! its cute how you dressed it up here - and it would also look sweet with a blouse and ripped jeans!

    xo denj


  5. adorable note to your dad! i love the outfit a lot., especially thje effeil tower necklace, precious! xx happy new year

  6. well i like the dress layered and your necklace is cute too :) good luck with the diet not that you need to! x

  7. I like that cardigan! It's so cute. Ugh. I so need to start dieting again. Haha:)

  8. The beginning of this post made me laugh out loud. You are just too cute :) It's a shame that the dress isn't what you hoped, but it looks really lovely in the posts and, somewhat predictably, I adore your Eiffel Tower necklace :)

  9. the dress looks super cute layered!!! and the stripey cardigan is so adorable. Ugh my new years resolution was to start dieting again dang i am going to have to begin that today lol


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