2011 Resolutions- Blog Goals

When you're as obsessive compulsive as I am and constantly trying to change and improve as much of your life as your can, New Year is like Christmas and your birthday coming at once.
I am a massive control freak and I love a day to organized my life to do the best I can to improve it for the new year. My resolutions lists currently stands at 17.
It's funny to look at my resolutions last year, because I would say I'm almost there with achieving those. However, any of you who have been reading my blog since March last year will know I made a list of 21 things I want to do before I'm 21. Well as of the 30th December I have 3 months left to complete those goals. Some of them are less important now and I may not achieve them because of that, but the ones that matter I want to complete. I would say I've currently achieved 10 out of 21. And there's 4 that I'm definitely hoping to achieve before I'm 21.
So what are my goals for 2011? Like I said, there's a lot of them. They come into two categories; goals for my blog and goals for my life. My blog has gone from something I did for a hobby to a huge part of my every day life. This is me. I'm so happy with how far I've come in the last year. I'll start with my blog goals and write my life goals later, so you get them in nice, bitesize chunks.
So blog goals...

1. Update Everday
I've been pretty good with this the last few months and obviously there are times when it's impossible. But I like knowing that the people who like my blog have something to read every time they come on. And I want to give you the best experience I can.

2. New Layout
I've had this one since I was still on Wordpress and it's kinda ugly. I plan to get hold of photoshop and bust out all the skills I used to have as a teen. Wanna have a look at the things I used to do? Here's my deviantart and my livejournal. I want to get back to being that good.

3. More Inspiration Posts
Obviously there are a lot of days when I can't do an outfit post, so I'd like to have an outlet to post even when I can't take photos. There are so many inspiring bloggers and so many great outfits that I love. I'd love to write more about the people who inspire me.

4. Reply to all Comments
I am really, really bad with this so I'd like to get better at it. I'd love to have a better relationship with my readers.

5. More Involvement with other bloggers
I'm introducing a Blogger of the Month, every month and I am also getting involved with Ashley's Guest Post group. If you would like to do any kind of work with me- blogger of the month, interviews, guest posts etc. please let me know because I'd love to get involved.

More goals later on :]]

Charlotte xxx


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