Now I'm All Over the Shop

Oh god, I'm so sorry this has been about the worst week every for updates. I hate not updating every day but this week has been such a mess of getting back into the routine of being back in the States, being busy and being sick. I always hate myself when I don't update because the low stats speak for themselves. I promise to get back into updating this week. I hate it when real life gets in the way!!

Yesterday I looked outside at the snow and really, really wanted to go out in it. Then I checked the temperature and at -20 degrees celcius I decided, maybe not. I also found out that these boots are really, really not waterproof and my numb toes demonstrated this perfectly. Alas, these photos really didn't come out  too well. I really need some alone time with my camera.
The boy ordered a portrait lens yesterday and he is a much, much better photographer than me so I am going to try to rope him into taking my pictures for me. I think it's a pretty good deal- he gets to take photographs that all my readers will see and I get to not carry my tripod around everywhere!!

One of my readers last week described me as "The definition of Red and Leopard", which I thought was awesome. As soon as I bought this dress I was desperate to pair it with leopard print tights. I love these babies- they're so ostentatious, I love them!!

I've actually had a really great week despite being sick. As I mentioned on Thursday my date went really well. Not to get too gross and slushy but my boy is amazing. He makes me so happy, I just love being around him. I know, gross right? I've also had chance to hang out with some of my best friends over here too this week. One of my best friends is back this weekend and I really can't wait to see her!! I've missed so many of my American friends while I've been home!!

dress- forever 21
tights- river island
cardigan- new look
boots- next
scarf- new look

Well today is going to be my usually lazy Sunday of catching up with work and going to the gym. I'm hoping to get some respite by seeing the boy later but it depends on how good I am with getting my homework done!! Hopefully very good, but yesterday I planned to get quite a bit done and ended up going out at 1pm and getting home at 9pm, exhausted!!

I promise to not go a day without updating again for a while. I'm going to try to take more outfit pictures this week (inside though, I think!!) and I have a guest post coming up- exciting :]]

Have a lovely Sunday,

Charlotte xxx


  1. I really like those tights! They look awesome with the dress.

  2. This outfit looks fab on you. I am terribly jealous of your tiny waist, the way you cinched it is spot on. Those tights are amazing, I am turning green with envy as I type. Great pics :)

  3. Amazing outfit! Those leopard print tights are awesome =D I have some old leopard print leggings I'm thinking of breaking out again, and I may steal your idea and wear them with my red dress haha, I seem to be always stealing your outfit ideas =DD That's so good about your date!! It sounds like you had a lovely time =) Hope you're feeling better now too
    Sian xx

  4. Can I steal this outfit please? Kthanks. I love everything about it. I'm glad your date went well!

    Lindsey Soup

  5. your new year's resolution of losing weight seems to be working cos you definitely look slimmer :D

  6. those tights are so cool!!! they look awesome with the red dress, and i totally agree you have the tiniest waist i am quite envious!!


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