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Well, as I told you yesterday, I have dyed my hair. After 4 and a half year of pink and blonde hair (and 4 years of pink, blonde and black) I was ready for a change. It was scary. I've been the girl with the pink hair since I was 16. It became a huge part of who I was, who I am. But when I dyed my hair originally I was 16 years old going through my obligatory emo phase, and my strict Catholic school wouldn't allow "unnatural" hair colours. I dyed it just after my high school prom. I loved my hair for making me stand out from the crowd, for making me different.

But a few weeks ago I decided I was ready for a change. Not a huge change; I wasn't ready to go back to basic blonde, but I didn't want to carry round the remnants of my emo phase everywhere I went. I made the decision to have all my pink dyed dark brown (the same colour as in my fringe) so I still had different hair, but not too different. I was nervous going into the hairdressers yesterday but I am SO happy with the result!!

Another liberating thing is being able to wear red!! I've probably mentioned it before but I avoided red for years after dying my hair pink for fear of clashing. I decided to celebrate with this red dress. It's funny, you might remember me moaning about disliking this dress in this post. Well this was my third outfit this morning and I actually quite like it, but I don't think it's anything special. I wasn't really going to do an outfit post today and just post my hair but I thought I may as well!!

dress- Forever 21
scarf- TK Maxx
shoes- New Look

I know it doesn't look hugely different, but I love it :]]]
Today  has been a pretty boring day- I did get a furry hat though!! I've been after one for ages but I think I have a very small head- they're always too big!! The one I got is from Claire's though so I'm pretty sure it's for kids. I've just got loads of little things to do before heading back this weekend but I'm trying not to get too stressed!!

Let me know what you think of my hair :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. You are beautiful :)

  2. I like it a lot better than the pink...and change is always good. I had side bangs since I was 14 and only grew them out about 2 years ago. Best thing I ever did! I don't even think they suited me that well.

    So, what's your next step? Going full-out blonde?

  3. The red dress is great, and ooo what's next for your hair?

  4. oh your hair looks AWESOME!!!! i really love the dark brown with the blonde, red is my favourite colour so i am so in love with your dress :)

  5. Why do you always do the same poses?

  6. Your hair looks really nice and I love the dress!

  7. I love your hair!! It's not too different but it still makes an impact! I'm thinking about changing mine too at the moment, I want it dip dyed but I'm not really sure =/ Anyway, I love your dress too, it looks really good with the leopard print scarf =)
    Sian xx

  8. Nice outfit - making me wish I'd bought that dress from f21 now, but I'd changed my mind last minute.
    Some feedback as a reader though: you have way too many photos of the same outfit for a post. It makes the post longer than necessary, with nothing new to interest me in the photos you're posting since they're all of the same tune.

  9. The hair looks lovely, very you! Also loving that red dress with your leopard scarf!
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  10. i love the dress and your hair looks fab :) x

  11. I love your hair !
    lovely outfit :)

  12. i love your blog and outfits lots but perhaps you could put less photos? 10+ photos of one outfit is a little excessive and frankly i only take note of the first few and skip the rest.

    great job otherwise :D :D

  13. I disagree with the above comment. It's always good to have lots of different angles and stuff when looking at an outfit, and sometimes you get inspired to create different combinations when you can only see either the top half or bottom half.

    I think the red looks really nice- I always think it is risky teaming red with leopard print (in fear of it looking a little trashy) but in this case it works quite well.

    Would love to see a formal outfit post sometime soon, I have a friends wedding coming up and need some outfit inspiration!


  14. love the scarf! and the hair! (they match :D)



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