Dirty Little Secret

Okay, if I tell you something you have to promise not to tell, okay? I actually wore this outfit yesterday. And then again today. WAIT let me make excuses. First of all, this skirt is way too big (I couldn't decide between the small and the medium and got the medium. stupid.) so yesterday I wore this with the cardigan belted over and really, really hated it. But I stayed at my boyfriend's last night and thought, well, I didn't like this outfit anyway and not much goes with this skirt so I'll wear it again tomorrow until I get home and get changed. But then when I got home this morning I realised how much I liked the outfit without the belt. So I decided to be gross. Don't judge me!!

These photos aren't amazing, but they're getting better. I had a real play with my camera today when I took them. I did feel really inspired after my photography post yesterday. Thank you for your lovely comments on that one!! My boyfriend's portrait lens arrived today so I'm continuing to beg him to take my pictures for me!! I really need to get out of my apartment to take pictures, but I'm spending a lot longer on taking them that I feel like an idiot in the corridor downstairs and it's still a little too chilly to be outside.

I'm having a really nice week. My friend Michelle got back from England at weekend and we went for a (very!!) long lunch yesterday, which was amazing. We're planning a super-fun weekend cause a lot of our friends (including my boy) are off to Vegas this weekend so we need to have an equally fun time!! Tonight I'm going out for dinner with a friend and then tomorrow is a day of homework to get ready for the weekend!!

skirt- forever 21
vest top- topshop
brogues- new look
cardigan- new look
necklace- primark
lipstick- rimmel in funtime fuschia

I've been stuck in a little bit of a style rut the last few days so yesterday I started to write a "Remix List". I love coming up with new outfit combinations- it makes getting ready in a morning so much less stressful and much more fun. I started out by writing down all the dresses I have that can be easily remixed, and then a list of cardigans, jackets and gilets that can be mixed with them. I then started going through and coming up with new combinations. Then I started adding in skirts, shorts and tops for more fun. If you're new to remixing, and even if you're not, go head over to KendiEveryday- she has a fabulous post today on remixing.

Well, have a lovely day. I'll be back tomorrow!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. this outfit is so adorable! i love it :)

  2. I really like that outfit. The pink is so pretty.


  3. Cute outfit. I love the skirt!

  4. i really like the photo of your legs.... in the least creepy way possible of course =)

  5. Isn't the whole photo-taking thing such a bother sometimes? I think every blogger struggles with it unless they already have a super nice camera, photography skills, and/or someone to take their pictures. But it's worth it in the end. I love the creative outlet, and it's great to be able to look back on everything I've worn over the past ten months or so since I started my blog. Good luck with your camera...and we all wear clothes a few days in a row sometimes. No judgement here!


  6. Charlotte, this outfit is just SO you. I feel like I say that every time I comment, but whatever, it's true!! :D

  7. the skirt is really cute, i love leopard print with pink and this works so well
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  8. The skirt looks great! I love that the leopard print isn't in the traditional black/brown colour :)

  9. Cute outfit! I don't judge you at all for wearing this again, i just posted about tugging my fave treggings out of the wash bin, dinner stains and all lol! Ah the student life! I used to do the whole stay over at the boys and wear the same clothes again too, thank goodness we live together now :-)
    LOVE the photo of your shoes/legs, you can really tell you've been brushing up on the photography/portraiture! <3

  10. I think the pink and leopard look fab together!! Sounds like you're having a great time atm :)

    L x

  11. no judgment here! You look crazy cute

  12. This is a very you outfit!! And the photography improvement-y thing looks like it's going well, these are really good photos =) I'm trying to get a bit better with photography and whatnot, but I've only got a little point and shoot type camera and a 50cm high tripod haha! Nevermind, I'm not really the artistic type anyway =D
    Sian xx
    PS: Your skirt should be on its way back soon =)

  13. Me and Becca saw your skirt on the mannequin in the window of forever 21 yesterday :D x


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