10 Things I am going to Miss About Home

As Dorothy once told us, there is no place like home, and she was right.
I have absolutely loved being home.
The thought of leaving all my family and friends behind is horrible after being home for 3 weeks and knowing I won't see most people until June.But I know I have to go back, I have to finish my adventure.
Being home has really made me appreciate England. Being away I began to develop a respect and love for my country that I think only comes from living away from it. I can now say despite it's numerous flaws, I am proud to be British.
But I love America too. Being away from there too has made me fiercely proud of living there, in my little corner in the midwest.
As nervous as I am about going back, I know I can do it, because I've done it all before. I've lived away from home, I've dealt with just facebooking my friends and Skyping my family. It's not the same, but hey it's better than years ago when people had to write!!
I'm excited now about going back, there are a lot of things I want to do over these next few months. Go to Minneapolis, go to Chicago, go to New York and hopefully travel, I have my sights set on California. I am excited to see my American friends again- the people who made last semester what it was.
But yes, there are a couple of things I've going to miss over the next few months, but I'm sure they'll all be there when I get back.

1. Cups of tea in my Charlotte mug
I wanted to take a picture but my camera is pretty much packed up ready to go now. Tea just tastes so much better in this mug than any other.

2. My Dad's jokes
I groan about them now, but there's nothing quite like a Dad joke. My friends can vouch for this.

3. Friends who know everything about you
I have friends at home I've known since I was 11 years old. They know me completely inside and out. They always have some kind of embarrassing story to drag out. When they came over to see me we talked for 5 hours. I can't even remember what about. And my uni friends, well, they're my family. Nobody quite gets me like they do.

4. Being able to text my friends
And actually see them. Skype and Facebook just aren't the same. Time differences are a nightmare too.

5. All the events I'm going to miss
This year has been an awkward one to go away during because everyone is turning 21, including myself in March. It makes me sad that I'm going to miss everybody's celebrations.

6. My books and DVDs
I wishwishwish they weren't so heavy so they could all come with me. I love to pick up old books and read my favourite bits. Alas, I shall have to wait.

7. Not having to cook for myself
I do help my mum out with tea most nights and we decide what we're going to have, but I have to go back to actually having to buy food, decide what to eat and actually cook it!!

8. Having my own room
Sigh, I hate having a room mate.

9. Hanging out with my family
I never feel really alone at home, so I intend to spend less time alone in my room this semester and more time outside my apartment. Even if it's just in the library. I don't want to ever feel alone.

10. England
You are my home and I love you. I will always love you.

But I am excited to go back. Back to the land of free refills, giant portions and cute accents. Back to the land where they drive on the wrong side of the road, back to automatic cars (which still confuse me.)
Back to being The British Girl, back to new classes and learning, back to new things and new people.
Back to living my adventure, living my dream, back to doing exactly what I always wanted, living in America.



  1. What a sweet post.:D

    Leaving home is always hard but I think it will make you a better and stronger person. That's just how it is, right?:D

    I hope you get to visit California, it's fun over here!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. good luck transitioning back!

  3. I adore your blog and your red lipstick, I just started following.


  4. I completely understand how you feel. Ugh. I miss home already and I'm still here! Hang in there. We can do it together!

  5. Can't believe you're heading back already, feels like you only just got back!! Hope you have a safe flight :) And really make the most of these few months out there :)

    L x

  6. Travel safe, Charlotte! Even though I'm still in the same country as my home, I still miss it a lot (mainly because it's so much harder to travel in America!) If you're ever near my neck of the woods, feel free to say hello! :]]

  7. awww bless you i have a hard enough time going back to uni and its only 4 hours away! i'm sure you'll be fine when you're back into the swing of things - plus you're so lucky to be doing a year abroad, just remember that :) x

  8. Aww, I agree there really is not place like home. Even being away for three months made me appreciate my home much more, but adventures are fun too ;) hope the next part of yours is super duper fantastic
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  9. I have moved to America and I too miss home (also England). I miss being able to walk everywhere; I miss the huge variety of fascinating products in the supermarkets; I miss the gourmet cooked-chilled meals with no alarming ingredients, that you can get in any supermarket in Britain; I miss so much of the food... sigh.... I miss the TV, though I have now set up a slingbox to enable me to watch British TV live anywhere I have internet access; I miss British dry humour; and I miss the NHS, and how friendly and caring government officials are in Britain compared to here. And despite this being the land of the free, I feel oppressed here. There seems to be a law or regulation or licence for everything. It is exhausting. On the other hand, I DON'T miss the weather, the fact that they don't pack for you in British supermarkets (or not often anyway), the expense of eating out there, and the high house prices in the South of England compared to where I am now in USA. I also love being able to swim (in an outdoor unheated private pool!) every day for 6 months of the year -- though I doubt that is possible in Minnesota. ;-)

    Do make the most of your time here though. You will look back and be so glad you were able to spend time here. It was an absolute nightmare for me to go through the legal immigration process to move here -- enjoy your youth/student status while you can! :-)


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