New Layout!!

Now this probably won't be permanent (I've even called the graphic "temp layout") but I was fed up of the old one. It needs some serious work but I wasn't feel especially inspired today so this was all I could come up with!!
I'm hoping to get some more time over the next few weeks to do something better, but let me know what you think for now :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. love it! red is your new thing =)
    (wish i had more constructive things to say haha)

  2. Very nice! I just did a new layout too today haha! xx

  3. i would say even if you make a new layout, keep the red! it looks really awesome.

  4. The header is awesome!! I really hope it ends up in the final design. :)

  5. love the header, super cute <3


  6. I love the red!! I've been messing with the layout on my blog too and I just can't seem to get one that I really like


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