we're definitely going to hell, but we'll have all the best stories to tell.

This is the laziest I have ever been ever. I mean I went for an hour-long walk yesterday and I've been working out every day, but generally I'm staying up til 2am (there's a 6 hour time difference between here and my home in Minnesota and I want to talk to my boy!!) and getting up at 10am. I'm usually up at 6.30-7am most days and in bed by 11pm so I don't think my body knows what's hit it. It's nice to do nothing, but it does get boring. I'm trying to make sure I have at least one thing to do every day. I think when my parents go back to work I'll find myself going out of my mind with boredom. I think I'll have to go read in bookshops and charity shop.

Last night was fun. My home friends came over and we had a good girly gossip- until 1.30am!! We're going out into Manchester tonight and I'm looking forward to getting all dressed up and going out- I just haven't decided what to wear yet!! I'm sure whatever I wear my feet will be hurting by 1am but it'll be awesome anyway. Then tomorrow I'm back to Birmingham to see my best friend Ellen :]] We normally go for coffee and shopping but I've given up coffee this month for College Candy. I don't think that much coffee but it's more of a challenge than I expected!!

I know you're probably bloody sick of this dress but I just can't get enough of styling it!! It's just the perfect little floral dress- how did I cope without it? I really wanted to try out this cardigan too- I love the combination of florals and stripes. Then I added a studded belt and studded flats for a bit of a punky edge :]]

I hope all your resolutions are going well. I've still been biting my nails but I keep telling myself I will stop soon!! I wrote a list of Style Challenges You Should Try This Year for College Fashion- will you be trying any of them in 2011?

dress- forever 21
cardigan- forever 21
scarf- new look
flats- river island

Thank you to the three lovely people that have emailed me about studying abroad the last few days. I will definitely get back to you later this week individually!! I'm off to go paint my nails and get ready now. Ooh one last question- does anyone know any great places to buy underwear? I'm usually a strictly La Senza girl, but the bra I want seems to be out of stock EVERYWHERE in my size. I'm pretty classic- simple, pretty and lacy so I'd love any advice you have!!

All the best for those of you going back to work tomorrow!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. The dress is just adorable; you style it so perfectly and differently each time <3 x

  2. That dress is so great with the stripes!!! I'm pretty jealous about what a cute, perfect floral it is!

    If you're looking for cute cheap bras, I really like Aerie - they're not the highest quality, but at least for me, they fit just as well as others. I usually have to buy a size smaller than I usually wear though, as they seem to run big. Here's the link to the website http://www.aerie.com/aerie/index.jsp?catId=aerie :]

  3. I adore this printmix, it looks stunning on you! I'm always looking for bras too, I hardly ever find good cheap ones. Thank god I don't have big boobs so I don't need great bras :D


  4. i am not sick of this dress, how could you be, its lovely ;)

  5. such a cute outfit. i love black and white with pretty pops of bright colors and florals!

  6. I love this combo of stripes with florals, I just read an article on print mixing so this is great inspiration! now I just need a striped cardigan... lol. You look great. And have fun!

  7. I know what you mean! I get so bored at home all day long, I go a tad crazy and have to get out of the house. You could always volunteer in a charity shop for something to do, that way you'll also get first pick of everything that comes, it's like shopping while you work.

  8. No coffee and a diet while you're on school vacation? You have some willpower, miss! On the subject of your outfit, I must say I never tire of seeing items remixed- this floral dress is almost like your signature, and I love it with the striped cardigan :)

  9. I just spent my whole afternoon reading through your blog and I'm obsessed! I'm planning a study abroad to Surrey for the spring of 2012 and reading through your entries about your first semester in Michigan is calming my already worrying nerves :)
    Thank you for this blog! You are wonderful!

  10. you sound like me when I get in holiday mode, late nights and sleep ins. Love the mixed prints in your outfit.
    Good luck with giving up coffee, my boyfriend did that once but went back. lol

  11. Well, depending on when you get back into the states, I'd try out Victoria Secrets, they are having their semi-annual sale.
    Otherwise, Target has some good ones, but the lacey ones are flimsy.
    I loved your article on College Candy by the way and on College Fashion Lol! I'm excited to be reading your blog now :)

  12. Such a fun floral dress! Love how you mixed it with the stripes and scarf.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  13. I love your outfit! The stripes and floral combination is so cute!
    I'm really boring about my underwear: I buy everything at Marks & Spencers, and as long as my underthings don't show through my clothes, I don't give them much thought. Etam has cute bras, but I'm not sure whether you can find Etam in the UK (I live in France, but go to uni in Brighton)...


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