Permanent Jet Lag

I'm not mad about these photos, but I was feeling too self-concious to go outside my apartment. I took them yesterday as I was trying to come up with new ways of wearing this dress- I think lace is so versatile and pretty.

Not much to report really other than the fact that I am really happy today. The first day of class means routine and order- two things I love. Unfortunately, routine and order started at 6.30am and I was still almost late. I'm not sure how I manage that- it's clearly a skill.
As I've probably mentioned before, I was torn between taking Photo I or Editing II: Newsroom Practicum. I was very lucky to be offered a place on Editing because I didn't have any of the pre-reqs and all the journalism classes I wanted to take were fully booked. For a while I had my heart set on Photo but more recently I'd started to miss journalism classes and learning about writing.
Anyway, my decision was practically made for me. While I didn't not enjoy my photography class, it wasn't very me. I felt a little alien amongst Art and Photography majors and I just felt it wasn't a class I'd be able to really do well in. I was then apprehensive about my journalism class.
Fortunately, I loved it and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the semester and very glad I have made a decision about my classes. I am also taking Victorian Literature and American Literature II, both of which I have tomorrow. Being a lit nerd I can't wait.

Today I am appreciating the little things- homework that is keeping me free from the boredom that has consumed the last few days, excitement about classes, the fact that American houmous tastes so much better than back home, making my favourite tuna salad, wearing my duffel coat everyday and the fact that my boy is taking me out on our first real date tomorrow :]]

dress- topshop
cardigan- george at asda
boots- xavi

Not much else to report today other than hiiii new followers :DD and thank you for record numbers of hits yesterday- almost 1000!! I was also really chuffed to be feature on Cupcake Couture yesterday :]]

Have a lovely Tuesday :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I'm loving that lace dress, it really does look so good with the red =) Your classes all sound really good too, if I wasn't doing Classics I'd love to do something like that =D
    Sian xx

  2. the lace with the red is great!

  3. Cream lace is so pretty on you!

  4. I think these photos are my fav so far! You may have inspired my outfit for tomorrow...see you at coffee :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I love that dress its so pretty!

  6. Love that dress and the cardi together!
    You're loving red lately, aren't you? Haha! And yayy for the boy :)


  7. Aw, you look so pretty, but what else is new? :) Have fun on your date- how exciting!

  8. you can never go wrong with a beautiful lace dress.
    good luck with classes...6:30am is waaaay to early for me!
    you look beautiful!

  9. oh i love that dress so much!! the lace is just gorgeous and i love your red cardigan :)

  10. Interesting hearing about all your classes! So weird to not be in school anymore. I almost forgot today was the first day of classes. Hmmph! I took a photography class and it was nothing at all like fact, everyone else's stuff was mostly quite horrible and I took some of the best pictures in the class (I know that sounds so haughty...but it was true. The teacher even said it). I'd love to go try the one at UMD and see what would happen! I think there's a prereq for that though and I don't have it, so the deal's off!

    And I'd love to hear what you read in American's one of my favorite kinds of literature!

  11. i love that lace dress, lace is so pretty and i never get sick of it <3

  12. Love that dress. I am always afraid I cant pull off lace but you do it beautifully!

  13. Lovely photos dear, I love the red :)

  14. im loving the photo's, they look great! you're making me want to bust out my lace dress :)

  15. lovely! your boots are great, and your hair is just fantastic!


  16. Really lovely outfit, I do love the mix of lace with more military style boots I think it works so well :) Good luck with starting all your classes again!

    L x

  17. HI!! I am a new follower and excited to find your blog.. I LOVE YOUR HAIR.. it is awesome. .and you rock in red and leopard.. I love that combo and you are the frickin definition of red and leopard ( thats a compliment!!!)

    cant wait to see more great outfits!!! xoxo jodi

  18. Ooooh I love this dress and your hair is fab!
    Did you buy that cardi recently? I'm after a new red cardi :)
    Great blog, discovered on cupcake couture - new follower :D

  19. so glad i've stumbled upon your blog! i love those lace-up boots!

    was very interesting reading your back story! & loved reading your insight on life here! how cool that you've moved to the midwest from England! I'm about to move to the midwest from FL which is almost the same extreme ;)

    will be following your blog!


  20. I absolutely love your style and your blog :)

  21. Glad that you are having a fun start this year.:D Order for me is a must!

    The femininity of the lace and the boldness of the red together is beautiful. I like how you wore these two.

    ***** Marie *****


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