Professional Barbie

Sometimes I think of myself like a Barbie doll. Playing dress up like a little girl. Some days I am Library Charlotte, some days I am Casual Charlotte, other days I am Geek Charlotte. Occasionally I am Meet The Parents Charlotte, or Formal Event Charlotte, and today I was a Charlotte who is only seen on special occasions, Professional Charlotte.

I like Professional Charlotte. She has an excuse to wear cute blouses and an exclusive wardrobe of monochrome. But of course, being a Charlotte she has to add a splash of pink. She wants a wide selection of pencil skirts, and of course, classic but smart heels.

I love dressing up like this. I was meeting with a journalist today who is the dad of one of my parents' friends. It went really well and I was really happy. It was so excited to talk to someone who does actually what I want to do!! I don't know what the future will hold but I'm looking forward to my work experience this summer :]]

I was panicking this morning about what to wear. This skirt is another blast from the past- I wore it on my actual eighteenth birthday. On my eighteenth birthday my mum and I went to TopShop for a Style Advisor session. I bought SO many clothes, most of which I still wear, but a lot of them are too big now. This skirt is actually a lot bigger than I remember- it was falling down like crazy when I took the belt off!! The pink cardigan was simply because I couldn't find my black one, but I love these pink heels. I've had these even longer than the skirt!!

In other news, this is the last time you will see my hair pink. After meeting the journalist today I had a hair appointment, and now all the pink in my hair is dark brown!! I expected to really hate it at first, but I loveloveloved it from the minute it was done. Yay :]] I'll show it you tomorrow, along with my new coat!!

shirt- H&M
skirt- TopShop
shoes- TopShop

I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow except trying to get my American laptop to work and trying to work my way through my to-do list before I go back.
Up until yesterday I was absolutely dreading going back. I expected it. I knew I'd be settled being back at home, getting used to England again and seeing my friends, but now I'm excited. I have a whole other group of friends to go back to. All with their amazing accents :]]

Ooh also, while my nail biting is still as bad as ever, I've lost three pounds :]]] go go new year's resolutions :]]]

See you tomorrow!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. You look so charming (sorry I couldn't think of a better word haha) I love the splashes of pink and good luck with getting the job experience!

  2. what a cute outfit. that pink looks good on you!

  3. aw i love this post!!
    it's always so fun to meet people making a living out of something you love :)


  4. I really love this outfit, the polka dot blouse is perfect with that skirt and the pops of pink are so cute. It keeps this professional look young, you look wonderful

  5. I love this look-it's professional but still fun! I'm glad that you went with the pink cardi-I don't think it would have been "Charlotte" without it! I also adore your heels.
    How exciting that you got to meet with a journalist! I'm sure big things will happen for you.
    Lindsey Soup

  6. Lovely outfit, it looks just the right amount of professional :)

    L x

  7. Love this outfit. It's professional, while still being completely you. (When I go professional, I tend to dress a bit like my mom!)

    XO Michelle

  8. Charlotte, this post is SO cute! and SO you!

  9. fashion really is playing dress ups, how fun!! Love this outfit a lot lovely :)

  10. I love Professional Charlotte- what a cute outfit :)
    Looking forward to seein your new hair- glad you love it already

  11. this is so cute! :D
    love the splash of pink. totally something i'd wear for a meeting or something 'professional'.
    those shoes are adorablee!

  12. Charlotte,

    I am SO proud of you. I can't believe you lost 3 lbs already! Honestly, I'd be jealous if I wasn't so proud of you! Now, onto you HAIR. When you posted on FB that the pink was gone, I got a little worried, but I really like this! Edgy, gorgeous, and YOU.

    And it's fun to have different looks. I like business Charlotte. One of these days, I'll fly you out here to be my personal stylist and play dressup-Barbie.

    Best Wishes,

  13. I love this outfit! I wish I had it all in my closet :)


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