The time has come for colds and overcoats

The Duffel Coat
Anyone ever heard of the mysterious Black Duffel Coat Gang of South London? It's a long shot, I know; they are slightly more unruly than the other great English duffel-coat-wearing icon Paddington Bear (depending on the level of one's admiration of cute furry animals). Paddington notwithstanding the Duffel, for me, conjures up romantic images of rough but rather fey British intellectuals, invariably tutored at Cambridge, who drink strong whiskey and have experienced complexions.
Weathered characters like Samuel Beckett, Alan Bennett, David Hockney and later Jarvis Cocker (Jarvis's style seems to encompass everything that was good about the seventies BBC wardrobe) all feel like they should have worn a black or navy duffel coat; whether or not they actually did is immaterial. Certainly the English Beatnik movement and the followers of Sixties trad jazz adhered to the more academic, literary image of the duffel coat.
- Luella Bartley, Luella's Guide to English Style

This was originally going to be a post about my love of coats and jackets, but I liked the photos so much I decided it was worth its own post. Thank you, my anonymous commenters yesterday, for what I am deeming constructive criticism. I admit now, looking over the post, that yesterday's post had way too many similar pictures and for that I apologise. From now on I am only going to use 6-10 pictures per post, and if there are more photos I will use the format I am using today- placing two photos together so the post appears less long. I have also, thank you to some more anonymous criticism, been having a go at some new poses. I think I was getting lazy with my pictures, but I'm going to concentrate on fewer, better photographs.

This isn't really an outfit post, per say. I am literally wearing skinny jeans and my Brand New tshirt (Brand New are my favourite band, fact fans!!), but I wanted to keep what could be seen under my coat simple for this outfit. I think in some pictures my coat looks too big, but I almost always buy coats a size bigger to allow me to wear more layers underneath, but in these pictures I am only wearing a tshirt underneath so it doesn't look as fitted.

duffel coat- dorothy perkins
jeans- topshop
military boots- xavi

I couldn't resist this coat. I was surprised by the number of people, both here and on Chictopia saying how much red suits me. As I said yesterday, I avoided the colour for years as it clashed with my pink hair. It's great to embrace such a strong, powerful colour again. While I was in London I found myself constantly admiring the duffel coats walking past me on the underground. I had spotted this one online and couldn't stop thinking about it. When I went to Dorothy Perkins on Oxford Street I knew I had to have it. I spent half an hour contemplating before spending the last of my Christmas money on it. I don't regret it one bit- I love it!!

The opening of this post is from Luella's Book of English Style. As I've mentioned before, being both away and home has made me immensely proud of being English and this book really epitomises English Style and is a fascinating read. I'm half-reading it in depth and half skimming through but I will definitely be telling you more about it soon. I'm enjoying the final few days of being able to read for pleasure- I'm currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird, which I've always been ashamed of having never read!!

Well tomorrow is my final day in the UK until June. I'm sad but excited. There are a lot of things and a lot of people I have missed back in the States and I'm excited to continue with my year abroad adventure.

Also- I am definitely, definitely doing a whole blog redesign in the next week or so. I'm starting to hate the header and I want something prettier. Wish I still had my old CSS skills!!

Have a lovely day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I think a blog re-design would be good- the colours at the moment don't really suit how girly and friendly the blog is.

    Love the coat, I've always been a fan of duffle coats- I wish guys would wear them more too, theres something quite charming about them!

    The new poses are great, it's nice that you listened to the critism, although I never found a problem with your posing! I especially think the picture of you in the trees looking over your shoulder is nice. It would look great in black and white. x

  2. love the new/variety of poses, make it a far more interesting read! x

  3. I like your new poses, but I thought yours were fine before too! That coat is amazing, too.

  4. This post just feels so fresh! I love your coat! I would love one like that. I've never really worn red either, because I find that it doesn't suit my complexion. But now that I've become paler, I own a red peacoat and I always get complimented on it! :)

  5. love this coat! the fur hood is just perfect :)


  6. Your coat is absolutely gorgeous- I have been craving a duffle coat all Winter but everyone I wanted sold out in my size/colour :(.
    I love your gareden photos they always look so pretty :)
    I would love to read a post on your love of coats :)

  7. I happen to be the leader of the Black Duffel Coat Gang of South London. Cute duffel coat!

  8. You are so gorgeous in all of these photos!
    I've always thought that red is universally flattering, it just pops against every skin tone in a wonderful way! :)

  9. Red DOES suit you. I said that hehe!! You got some hate about your photo's? Hate shmate, maybe it was constrivtive but its your blog do what you want lovely :) xo
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  10. love love love! this is so cute!

  11. these photos are lovely- you're awesome with poses! i'm just plain terrible.
    red is so your color..that coat is gorgeous!

  12. oh i just love your coat, red is definitely a awesome colour for you!! and you are great with poses, i always feel like i just stand there and look serious :)


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