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One of my New Year's Resolutions should be to stop wearing the blue floral dress!! I was desperate to wear this furry crocheted gilet and this dress was hanging on my wardrobe saying "come on, you know you want to." I was in such a rush to try this outfit that I didn't put a top under my dress (I really need a brown vest top) so I apologise for the fact that you can see my bra in most of these pictures!!

This could potentially be my last outfit post with my hair as it is :[[ I'm getting it cut and coloured on Tuesday and getting all my pink done the same dark brown as the front of my hair. I'm fairly sure I'm going to hate it at first. I'm probably going to cry. But I've had pink and blonde hair since I was 16 and I really can't keep it like this forever. I mean come on, when I first got it coloured I looked like this:

It's definitely time to move on!! It's very strange though- some of my friends, even Kayleigh who I have known since college, have never seen me without pink hair. I dyed it just before college to have a new start. Now I'm ready for another new start. I love my hair and it's become a part of me but I don't want to be thirty and still have pink hair!! I'm hoping the dark brown will look just as good. The pink fades so quickly it's ridiculous- and expensive!!

I'm packing this dress for London this weekend, it's so versatile. I'm always packing my second-most-worn-dress; my blue polka dot dress. I've only there for a few days so I don't want to bring too much. I'm bringing both dresses, red cardigan, oatmeal cardigan and these shoes and my black boots. Remixing is great for packing light!! I'm sorry I won't be around this weekend- I ordered voltage converter from Amazon before I left America and it was apparently dispatched on the 30th December but there's been no sign of it!! Ergo, we only have one working laptop in my house at the moment which is annoying!!

 I have so much to do today because I have to do everything for the weekend. I have an article every week for The Fashion Buzz so I have to write that tonight because it's due on Sunday. And then next week I need to get packing :[[ I knew I'd feel like this but I really don't want to go back. I don't know why, I was having a great time before I left, but I knew I'd get settled back home. I think it's hard because everyone's been so busy so I've not really spoken to my American friends much so I'm getting paranoid that everything is going to be different when I go back. I hate the stress of travelling though. Urgh. I don't know where I'm up to!!

dress- forever 21
gilet- miss selfridge
brogues- new look

Well I hope I get a chance to update over the weekend but it doesn't look very likely. I'll try to update on twitter (@gnd_fashion) and on facebook if possible. I'll reply to any comments and emails after tonight on Monday or Tuesday. I'm really excited to go to London. I haven't been properly sight-seeing for ages. It's embarrassing that most of the Americans I know have seen more of England than I have. I definitely want to travel more this year, especially in the UK.

Have a lovely day guys, and a lovely weekend if I'm not about :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I'm glad you didn't make it one of your resolutions, it's so cute on yooouu~! x

  2. Have fun in London!! It's my dream to study there :)

  3. love your vest and cant wait to see what your hair will look like all one shade, I am sure it will look great

  4. oh i can't wait to see you new hair, i am sure it will look awesome!! and i love your vest!!

  5. hehehe, it's ok to wear a dress that fabulous often! ;)

  6. Haha, I have no clue why you'd want to stop wearing that dress! It's lovely, and florals are always so pretty! :D

  7. I LOVVEE THIS DRESS! Please don't stop wearing it! The color is too perfect for words. If you ever get sick of it, I would be happy to take it off your hands ;) Seriously, SO cute.

  8. I think your hair would look great just as dark brown, no blonde at all!


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