Well you're wasting your time if you're trying to impress me, I waste all my time just thinking of you.

I wrote this yesterday so apologises if it makes no sense today!!

It must be something wrong with my tripod but these pictures are all slightly slanted which is a bit strange. I haven't edited them because I have a LOT of unpacking to do.

I also really wish I'd buttoned up my blazer before taking these.

As you can see I got my LWD, okay well it's more of a pinky nude, but it's still what I had in mind!!. My Mum and I won it in a Team Effort on ebay on Wednesday and then somehow it arrived on Friday!! I've unfortunately left my leather jacket in America though. In fact, I've left nearly all my clothes in America. Not cool.

It's good to be home but it's still very strange. I am so busy for the next few days though, which is exciting. Tomorrow mum and I are hitting the sales (on my list; new underwear, chunky knits, more soft knee socks and scarves) and then we have family friends coming, Tuesday I'm seeing my best friend Steph, and Wednesday and Thursday I'm in Birmingham!!

dress- Top Shop via ebay
blazer- Charlotte Russe
socks- River Island
shoes- Target

I am going to go back to eating my body weight in tangerines. I've had 4 so far today.
Have a great day,

Charlotte xxx


  1. Gorgeous dress!! What a fab ebay find :) Sucks you left your leather jacket in America though, it always sucked packing to come home from uni there would always be something I'd forget to bring! Hope you had a fab Christmas

    L x

  2. so cute! but aren't you cold?! ^,~
    looks like you had a great holiday!

  3. glad you got home safely. Your dress is so cute and I love the stockings but you must have been freezing!

  4. beautiful outfit! what a dream dress.

  5. that dress is lovely, really cute color. i want one like it. <3

  6. Love that dress, it's exactly what I've been looking for!! :)

  7. That dress is amazing.You look adorable!

  8. that dress is lovely. i just found your blog today and im liking your style!

    *im your newest follower!

  9. what I'd give to kiss that girl right now.

  10. You look amazing here. I love that dress so much. I recently bought a similar one, so can't wait to wear it now. You do look really pretty.


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