Red, White and Blue

I stupidly got out my lipstick, about to put it on and then did my hair and forgot. Half way through taking these photos I realised I was lipstickless!! Not a good position to be in at all!! You will now be safe in the knowledge that I am now wearing lipstick.

Have you noticed I've really started to like red? Unfortunately, red and blue + white background+ photo editing = saturation overload. I wish I cared but I love everything looking so lovely and bright!! My mum sent me this cardigan and while I love it, it's not quite as warm as I would have liked. You can see the dots of my cardigan through it :[[

Well one thing America has taught me is that sometimes you have to be ballsy. My exciting news is that I am now one of the writers for College Candy! I read the site religiously several times a day (usually when I'm in class...) and I applied to be an intern a few months ago. I hadn't heard anything back since I send in my writing samples so I started to wonder if I'd missed out. Usually I'd just think "oh well", but I decided to email Lauren and see if I was just waiting or if I'd missed out. She said that she loved my work and even though all the internship slots were filled, she was going to offer me a position as a writer anyway!!

dress- oasis
cardigan- george at asda
belt- dorothy perkins
snood- forever 21
boots- new look

Today I finally bought a real UMD hoodie. I already have my free one but I wanted a real hoodie that I can wear at home when I am a long way from UMD and feeling nostalgic!! I have three University of Birmingham hoodies and a pair of sweatpants and I love them all.

Ooh I meant to mention this the other day, but the lovely Ashley is organizing for a group of bloggers to trade off writing guest posts for each other. If you're interested you can read more about it here. I think it's a great way for bloggers to get some more writing experience and great publicity for both bloggers involved.

I was really excited to create an outfit like this. I'm pretty much obsessed with red, and I wanted to wear this dress in a new way. I might try it next week as a skirt- with a red jumper on top. I love the mix of red, white and blue. I love these boots because they're so simple. They're no frills, simple black boots that go with everything. It was funny today because I wrote an article this week for The Statesman on winter boots and when I got to class everyone was looking at my boots and was saying they were wondering which ones I would wear!!

What are your plans for the weekend? For me it's probably going to be homework for the rest of today and then I might go see Inception on campus tonight (I can't wait to (hopefully) get it on DVD at christmas because I loved it!!), then tomorrow I plan to start my journalism feature story, finish my Godfather essay and work on some articles and my Shakespeare paper, and then Sunday as usual will be a day of the gym, speaking to my parents and lots of homework. I have plans to go to a Potluck dinner tomorrow though so I might be cooking this weekend :]]]

I'm stressed out of my mind with 5 assignments and 4 finals coming up but I'm just trying to keep my head above water and just work through this difficult time. I'll be leaving here in 19 days so I just want to get as much as I can out of the next few weeks and work as hard as I can and not let myself down.

I hope you have exciting plans for the weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Congratulations on being a new writer!! That's awesome! :) I love your outfit! The red is gorgeous on you!

  2. Love the outfit, the strong blue and reds work really well :) Congrats on the new writing job that's awesome news :)

    L x

  3. Congratulations on the new writing job :) Your outfit today is cute! I just bought a scarf like this today and I'm super excited to wear it!

  4. This colour mix is so beautiful and vibrant, i love how the photos turned out, very chic!
    Congrats on the collge candy gig love, keep up the good work.

  5. congrats on the job! seems like things are going well for so many bloggers these days :)

    i adore this outfit! i freakin' love polka dots and i think the cardigan is so cute with that dress. the colours are vibrant and cute. too bad that it's not thick, though. i hate when you can see through the cardigan.

  6. you look amazing, i love the color combo, and good luck with College Candy!

  7. congratualtions on the new writing job!!!!! i love that colour combination so much, the blue polka dot dress is so pretty!!

  8. I love this color mix, the red and polka dot dress go so well together. That cardigan is absolutly beautiful. Congratulations on the new job, sounds like fun

  9. This really drives home the point that I need a red scarf. I love this picture set!


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