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It's clearly Tuesday, but I'm losing track of the days. Long list today because I have accumulated a number of links and I've had a number of lovely thinks to be happy about this week :]]

1. Being Home
Admittedly, I was horribly sulky when I first got back. I was homesick for America. Every single thing was better in America. Until I realised how much I loved being home. I love being with my family, at home in my house and seeing my friends. I love the free food at the lack of responsibility. I love telling everyone about my experiences and the differences. I am excited to go back but I love being home!!

2. My life as an International Student
I wrote this post a few weeks ago for College Candy and my post went up yesterday. I've had some great responses. Check it out :]]

3. Interview at HerCatwalk

I also did an interview for HerCatwalk and their blog launched this week!! This interview was really fun!!

4. Christmas Fun

Christmas is my all-time favourite time of the year and I've had so much fun coming home.

5. Treating your boy like a gingerbread man
This article is adorable and very, very true!!

6. Sleeping
Almost a week later and I am STILL jetlagged. I seem to have one normal night's sleep and then I'll sleep for about 15 hours. I am tired all the time but at least I have plenty of time to sleep.

7. Legal Drinking

After 4 months of not being able to order a glass of wine or buy a bottle of vodka, I am able to drink again!! I  had my favourite tipple of Amaretto and Diet Coke and had a Bailey's on Boxing Day. Yum.

8. Recommending Things
I'm currently forcing new music on my boy and forcing books on my parents. My Dad is being forced to read The Godfather and my Mum is being forced to read One Day.

9. Chunky Knits
I managed to find a perfect creamy chunky cardigan yesterday and a lovely camel knit scarf. They just look SO cosy!!

10.  My Camera

I'm really looking forward to learning about everything this camera can do and taking endless photographs along the way!!

11. Better Book Titles

This site never fails to make me giggle, and these two (for two of my favourite books- Less Than Zero and Imperial Bedrooms) are my favourites.

12. Tieka's Favourite Outfits

The gorgeous Tieka has done a really inspiring run-down of her favourite outfits of 2010. She is such an amazing girl and I often find her a style is a lot like mine so she is constantly inspiring!! I love her mix of girl florals, cardigans and military boots.

13. Games
Board games become a lesser part of your life as you get older. This is a travesty. I love playing games- anyone for Scrabble?

14. Writing Exercises
Michelle has an awesome list of writing exercises here, great for creative writers or even journalists like myself to keep you inspired!!

15. Excitement
Today I saw my best friend Steph and tomorrow I'm going to Birmingham to see my friends for a few days and then I'm off to London next weekend- yay :]]]

16. Giving and Receiving
I'm not going to pretend I don't love presents, who doesn't? But I also love finding the perfect presents for people. I hope everyone liked what I got them- although I did accidentally get Steph something she already had!!

17. New Year's Resolutions
I can't wait to make mine!!

What are you loving this holiday week?

Charlotte xxx


  1. Hey Charlotte - just so you and your readers know, my blog is currently set to private! I was getting so many comments, hits, and subscriptions that it made me panic about how much of myself (where I go to school, etc) I had shared and I'm working on figuring out what to do. Most likely, once my post gets of Wordpress' Freshly Picked, I'll bring back my regular blog. Anyway, just thought you should know you're link might not go anywhere! :]

    As always, a wonderful post. I'm jealous of your new camera.

  2. hello charlotte, did that teen vogue application ever work for you?

    Legal drinking is a plus, baileys is so yummy

  3. Wow! Congrats on the interview! I'm also losing track of the days. Bah. Also, I love Teika too:) she's so amazing! I love your style too!

  4. love your article on being an international student! i was aaaalways having to explain that what i do isn't what every english person does, haha.
    i think my favourite question i was ever asked though, is "do you live in a castle?"

  5. 42s 42s legal drinking legal drinking 42s 42s.

  6. oh how bad would that be going somewhere and not being able to drink again, so weird. what sort of camera did you get? i know canon but which one?
    Scrapbook de la Emma


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