No Place Like Home.

It's happened. Just as I expected.
Free food, free transport, my own room.
I am so settled back home.
For the first couple of days I was a bit of a mess.
I missed America. I missed everything.
I even had lists of things I missed about America.
I hadn't brought enough clothes home.
I missed my friends, I missed my classes, I missed my boy.
I was moody and sleepy and jet lagged.
I screamed about how much I hated England and how I couldn't wait to be back in America.
It lasted about two days.
Now I'm glad to be home.
I'm glad to be with my family. I'm glad to be back in my shitty home town.
I'm glad to have been home for Christmas with my family.
I'm excited to see my friends and go out with them.
I'm enjoying having a break and a relax and sleep.
I'm looking forward to going back to America, but I really am settled being back home.
Let's call it the best of both worlds.



  1. That's wonderful you've come around to the idea of being back. You know you prefer England really ;) hehe jazzy ♥


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