Santa, Baby

I've seen loads of bloggers posting up their Christmas lists and it's been fun seeing what everybody wants this year!! I am an only child and I'll be the first to admit that I am a little spoilt. I'm not sure if I'll get everything on my list this year, but at the end of the day, so long as I get back home to celebrate Christmas in England with my family and friends who I haven't seen for over 3 months, I'm not sure if I care.

Okay, as my Mum has pointed out about a million times, my camera is actually an early 21st  birthday present and not actually for Christmas, but I'm still hoping it'll be under my tree this year.

For that extra helping hand...

This dress is my favourite, but I'm not feeling the $200 price tag. Oh Modcloth, I adore you. I just wish you were cheaper. I just want to own everything on your site.

Because a girl has to look cute while it's cold!!

After a long and beautiful 4 years together, my GHDs died. May they rest in peace.

I wrote a paper a few weeks ago on The Godfather after reading the book and watching the film in class and I am utterly obsessed. I can't wait to see Part II :]]

I saw this in a book shop at home over Summer and scribbled the name down. I love fashion books!!

For outfit posts :]]

For obvious reasons!!

I watched it again on Friday and I think I'd forgotten how good it is. I love it. Who isn't asking for the DVD for Christmas:?!

It's the same as my red one but in yellow, but they're sold out in my size online so I might not get hold of it, but I've had so much fun layering with my red one, and I just love mustard!!

What's on your Christmas list this year?

Charlotte xxx


  1. I have a Rebel, and I love it! I did a post like this on my blog too! I love everything from Modcloth too. That dress is great!

  2. Cannon is on my wishlist too! Fingers crossed :)

  3. great list, everything on modcloth is so gorgeous and i love the mustard sweater! x

  4. "Anything from Modcloth"

    I second that!! haha

  5. this post inspired me to make my own christmas list, here:

    I love that mustard sweater too, I think the colour would look great on you!

  6. oh what a fab idea to ask for a camera remote!!! that would be so useful and love the mustard sweater!!

  7. sony alpha a55 :))))))

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. A good canon too!xx

  10. I'm a student at UMD and discovered your column in The Statesman. I love it! Finally something I'm interested in reading in that paper...haha. Anyways, then I saw the link to this blog and have loved reading it! Just wanted to let you know! As a student in Duluth, and a former Apparel Merchandising student, I love fashion, but find Duluth to be a bit drab. You must know what I mean! I look forward to reading your column!

  11. Christmas lists are always fun to see. :) You got some great items on there! Love the mustard jumper. :) I always struggle with christmas lists because my birthday is only a month before. So I have people nagging and I never know what to ask for :P

    L x

  12. that lace dress is on my list too :)


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