Christmas Day- Photo an Hour

As I told you a few days ago, I was allowed to open my DSLR (Canon Rebel T2i/D550) on the 23rd so I've been playing with it ever since!! It's actually my 21st Birthday present (my 21st isn't til March..) but I've very impatient!! Obviously it's only in Auto mode at the moment, but I have a "Canon D550 For Dummies Guide" to help me along the way!!




Presents!! Inception and The Godfather Trilogy on DVD, a book on 20th Century Fashion, new GHDs (Yes!! Mine packed up after 4 years a few weeks ago), Canon DSLR remote, Lily Allen Panda Necklace, Camera case, New York Calendar (I'm going for my 21st in March), Canon D550 for Dummies book, Christmas day dress, and fur gilet :]]


Frozen milk!! The bottle exploded when we got it inside!!


Christmas breakfast!! Christmas breakfast is a Crowley tradition. We used to have it at my grandparents but my nan is too old now so we have it at my Auntie's.. I don't eat meat so there's not much I can eat, but this year I was desperate for beans on toast!! American baked beans are weird and in some kind of sweet, bacon sauce so I have to buy vegetarian ones, and I find the bread in the US really sweet too, so I was so excited to have beans on toast back home!!


Think I was the only one expecting this photo!! I was looking through my cousin's wedding album while we were at breakfast :]]


Playing with my camera and remote :]] and a family picture :]]


Being home= endless cups of tea.


Christmas Dinner...

And my Christmas dinner!!


Yay, TopShop vouchers :DD


I can't get vegetarian gravy anywhere in America, so I have to get my parents to send it to me. I eat gravy with everything (I'm a Northern girl, what can I say?) but especially Christmas Dinner.


My Christmas drink of choice. It tastes like Dr. Pepper :]]

And even though I don't like it, Christmas pudding, because I know you American kids don't know what it is.


My mum's home-made Christmas cake.


This is a game we play every year. It always funny because it's a Men vs. Women game, and we have two men (my Dad and my Uncle), and then 5 women (Me, my Mum, my Nan, my Auntie and my cousin Jeni), but the men always win!! It's great fun!!


And the drawing game we played afterwards. According to my nan, this is a guitar.

Well after 8pm I stopped taking pictures so these are all I have!!
Hope you had a lovely day and got everything you wished for!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Great camera! I got one for Christmas, too. Your family is very attractive and your pictures look superb.

  2. ahhhh beans on toast! miss it!
    have fun learning your camera! =)

  3. In Seattle we have two stores PCC [only in the Seattle area] and Trader Joe's [all over the country] and they are very vegetarian friendly. I think PCC is a bit better when it comes to finding vegetarian substitutions for meat, but you could probably find a store like that in Minnesota.

  4. Ahh this is adorable, love your photos! You look great! and seems like you had a fun time, and haha I know that Christmas pudding! (my grandma makes it along with British fruitcake, neither of which I like.

  5. this is so cute!! Great play by play of what happened that day, i love it!

  6. Your Mum's cake looks amazing!! :)

    L x

  7. Ah what a great bunch of chrissie pressies!! My dad & I watched the godfather 1 & 2 on boxing day on the telly here, and I instantly thought of you as i remember reading a post where you mentioned them!
    Love you christmas dress too!
    Oh god & seeing your pics of dinner have made me kinda jelous, we had a bbq 'cos im in oz with my fam and it was really nice, but boy do I miss a traditional roast right now lol, I'm dying for some gravy!!
    Thankfully loads of northerners have settled in Perth so they do chips & gravy at the mall, defo hitting that tomorrow!

  8. a) your pictures are great- can't wait to see you get more into photography
    b) your mom's cake looks incredible!
    c) looks like you had a very wonderful Christmas!! xoxo


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