Love, Lust and Links

It's Sunday!!

1. Being almost there
Two finals down, two more to go. I got an A in my take home feminism final which I'm pretty sure means I got an A overall and I think my Literature into Film exam went okay, and I got an A in my essay for that too!! 3 more sleeps until I come home- just one hell of a lot of packing to do before then!!

2. Relaxing
God, I can't wait to chill out. Admittedly, I am spending about 2/3 of my time procrastinating at the moment, but it'll be nice to get to a point where I can just sit down and read a book for a few hours, or do things with my friends without feeling like I should be working. However..

3. Having a Break with Friends
Last night I went out for dinner with one group of friends and hung out with another group. It was so nice to relax and do something and just have a break from exams for a few hours!!

4. White dresses
I posted yesterday about my love of white dresses, and I just found one in my size from TopShop going for £14.99 at the moment that finishes in 3 days. I might have to have it!!

5. Cherry Coke Zero

I'm not even joking when I say this stuff has changed my life. I'm a huge fan of Cherry Coke, but not of the calories so I got really excited when Diet Cherry Coke came out. Until I found it tasted like medicine. But Cherry Coke Zero tastes just like wonderful cherry coke, but calorie free. I bought two bottles yesterday :]]

6. Oversized Knits
I'm not quite the right shape to pull these off without looking the size of a house, but they're so cosy!!

7. Remixing

Remixing is such a fun way to get extra mileage out of your wardrobe. I've been having so much fun coming up with new outfits. Admittedly, a lot of them don't work, but some of them do!! A lot of bloggers are amazing remixers- I hope to be as creative as they are some day!!

8. Why You Should Remix
Kendi Everyday has a great selection of interviews with different bloggers entitled Why I Remix. Linda from Rose a la Mode's interview is fabulous and really puts things in perspective, and Keira from A Pretty Penny sounds just like me in her answer!! I also found Kyla's amazing blog through these posts!!

9. Magazine Bows

Laura linked to this amazing tutorial on making present bows from magazines- aren't they awesome? As I don't get back until the 23rd I might be making some of these now to wrap everything with when I get home!!

10. WTF Forever 21
I love Forever 21 as much as the next girl, but this blog really really made me laugh. The little comments are just amazing.

11. Another great post from Average Fantastic
Real Women have... what exactly?

12. Faking being a Fashionista
What to say so people think you're in the know.

13. Shopping at TK/TJ Maxx
I love the idea of these shops but I get inside and get completely overwhelmed and end up coming home with nothing. Although I still regret the camel Ted Baker coat I saw over summer that I didn't buy. Maybe this guide will help!!

14. My Next Post at College Candy
Those of you who read my other writing might be interested in my next post at CC. It's now up here :]]

15. Planning my packing
Okay packing isn't much fun, but I do like getting my lists together and getting all organized and ready to go!!

Well kids, I have a hot date with the gym and then the library today so have an awesome day and I'll see you tomorrow!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Number 10 is amazing! Thank for you posting it, I love their take on Forever21 and I'm sure if I had not read this I would have never known the glory of the blog. lol

  2. I saw your college candy post! It made me laugh :) I would love self-styling hair. I can't think of a better present at all! and that post about faking being a fashionista was great too!

  3. oh i love white dresses to!!! i have been dying to find a lace one, i hope the rest of your exams go well!!

  4. those magazine bows are pretty nifty! i might just have to try that out.


  5. I am loving the magazine bows, I have enough magazines to make thousands of bows!

  6. Haha, great recommendations - love love love the magazine bows idea, and that Forever 21 WTF blog is brilliant. x

  7. omg. i love the WTF is perfect.
    i am addicted to Coke Zero and now they have Cherry Coke Zero!!!
    AAAaaamazing....going to the grocery store to buy some asap!!
    wonderful post. <3
    have a great week love.

  8. I love this dress! It's so cute. How you remixed it is fabulous. And oh my. I packed SO much stuff for home. It took forever! But being home is lovely:)


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