Just trying to find the fastest way back home

I am listening to Frank Turner non-stop at the moment. If you've never listened to him, well you're missing out
"Darling oh my darling you know that everything that I do, is to try to make me good enough for you,
Darling oh my darling you know that everywhere that I go, I'm just trying to find the fastest way back home."

This outfit came to me in the same way that a lot of my outfits ideas come to me- just as I'm about to fall aslseep. And then I end up thinking "should I get out of this really comfortable position to go write this down or hope I still remember it in the morning?" Luckily, this one stayed in my mind. I have a couple of idea for this dress- especially because I bought it on such a whim. I have decided to be oblivious to the cold. It's about -14 today and I'm dressing like it's about 10 degrees.

Only a short post today for 2 reasons- one, I don't actually have an awful lot to say. Ooh except for one thing OH HELLO 100 FOLLOWERS!! How bloody exciting is that? I think I came to America 3 months about with about 20 followers!! New giveaway soon :]]

And also because I have two finals tomorrow- Shakespeare and Journalism. I hope they go well. I'm worried I'm going to be too giddy to concentrate. I've washed my bedding so all that's left to do now is clean and tidy my room (no mean feat!) and pack!! I can't believe in 2 days I'll be back on English soil!! I'm a bundle of emotions- nervous, excited, scared, sad and happy all at once!! I can't wait to get home and for it to be Christmas :]]

dress- forever 21
blazer- charlotte russe
snood- new look
socks- river island
shoes- target

Sorry about having very little to say!! I'd better get back to studying!!

Have a great Monday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Good luck studying. and GAH I think this might just be my favorite outfit of yours ever!

  2. Russell I love that dress so much :) And you of course!

  3. Congrats Charlotte!!! SO exciting!!

  4. Cute outfit! I love the pattern on the dress :)
    Good luck on your finals and good luck getting back to England! I'm still trying to get out :/ my flight on Saturday was canceled and I'm rebooked for Wednesday *crosses fingers*

  5. ah so exciting!!! and i love your outfit the dress is so pretty!! Good luck studying :)

  6. wow, not only is your outfit the perfect wintery-floral look but your pics are stunning! and i love your hair too!!!

  7. that dress is super pretty! i love the floral print :)
    i love that you 'winterfied' it, with all the greys. dont you look cozy :)

  8. Your speedy attraction of followers isn't surprising: your outfits are great, your cross-cultural commentary is interesting, and your blog stands out from the pack. Congrats on hitting three-digits!

  9. this dress is pretty, love the socks and shoes too dear. I added you to my blog-roll which I finally organised btw :)

  10. Love your blog! Hope you will visit or follow mine:)


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