Back Home.

Well, I'm back in England.
It's very strange, very surreal.
It feels like all my memories from America were a dream.
It's good to be home, but God do I miss America.
I cried flying out of Duluth.
I've had my fish and chips for tea, I've been hanging out with my parents.
And oh, my new camera is charging :]]
I plan to spend my night wrapping presents and trying to sleep off my jet lag.
I'll try to write something more interesting tomorrow, but I am jet lagged as hell.
It's 5.40pm here, but my body thinks it's 11.40am.
See you tomorrow,

Charlotte xxx


  1. Welcome back to England haha! It's lucky your flight didn't get cancelled or anything =) I bet you loved having the fish and chips after so long too =D And that's so good about the dress, I wonder where it was hiding all that time?!
    Sian xx

  2. wow <3 feels like we all miss you here! ;) yay for your new camera! have a lovely time in england <3


  3. Glad you made it home safely!! That's all that matters. :) I'll be glad when we get you back, though!

  4. It must be fascinating to live in two places, especially two with cultural differences. Get some rest and enjoy your homeland!

  5. Have a good Christmas good to know you arrived home safe.


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