Love, Lust and Links

It's Sunday!!
Wow, this week has gone fast!! Probably because I've been so ridiculously busy, but I'm really happy because my terrifying to-do list for the week is nearly done so I'm getting there. Still a lot more to do over the next 2 weeks but I know I can do it.

1. December
It means it's nearly Christmas and best of all, my mum sent me an advent calendar so I get to have my chocolate treat every day :]]

2. Pot Luck Dinners
I went to an awesome pot-luck last night and I have another one on Thursday where I have to make something from my culture. Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie anyone?

3. Being completely ready to go back home now
I decided to listen to Driving Home for Christmas knowing it would make me so homesick I'd cry. I have been getting nervous about coming home, I mean I've been away from England for over 3 months. It's kinda like Stockholm Syndrome. It's been really bothering me. But now I know I'm completely ready to be home. I just need to get these last few weeks out of the way.

4. Endless Christmas songs
I've found that over here I haven't had anywhere near enough experience of Christmas songs, so whenever I'm at my laptop I've been playing them non-stop. My aim is to get as sick of them as I (almost) do at home!!

5. Starting my Christmas shopping
I've pretty much done all of it now, save for a few items still in my Amazon basket. I just need to get everything wrapped and ready!!

6. This article
Okay I love Alexa Chung as much as the next person, but this is a great read.

7. This dress

Why does it have to be nearly $200? Actually, scratch that. Anything from Modcloth.

8. Inception

They showed it on campus on Friday and I think I'd almost forgotten how amazing it is. I saw it twice at the cinema but I definitely could have seen it way more times. I think it's the kind of film I'll push on my children. Along with (500) Days of Summer and Fight Club. Which by the time I have kids will be even more cult classics. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. It's on my Christmas list!!

9. Another box from home
I put my back out carrying it but my living room has a new addition- another box of clothes, books and makeup. Thanks Mum :]]

10. How to Ruin Your Resume
From here

11. London for Christmas!!
I'm really excited to be going to London for 4 days over Christmas break. I haven't been properly for years so I really want to go sight seeing and to go see a show!! I found out my parents did want to take me to Paris, but they were worried about the snow and flights, but London is enough for me!! But Paris for Summer would be schweet, just sayin'.

12. Building relationships with bloggers
We all know the best way to get more traffic it to comment on other blogs and work with other bloggers. Need more help? This post is great.

13. Guest posting
I metioned this a few days ago. The gorgeous Ashley is organizing a Guest Post Group. Interested? Go check it out here.

14. Ways to use my Forever 21 gift card
I mentioned about a week ago that I won a Forever 21 gift card. I think I'm going to spend it on these skirts:

15.  Bentleyville
(these are kinda blurry!!)

It was bloody freezing but I love people in animal costumes like a small child. I went crazy for the penguin (as you can see) and then the reindeer got upset so I had to go cuddle him too!!

16. Christmas excitement
Okay, I am a big child when it comes to Christmas. I get positively giddy. If I wake up in the night on Christmas Eve night I absolutely can't get to sleep again because I get too excited. Yes, I am that much of a child. I just hate that I won't be home to put up the tree this year :[[

Sorry this is so Christmas related!!
What are you loving this week?

Charlotte xxx


  1. Thanks for the good links! And yay, Christmas!

  2. Christmas in London is amazing! The lights on Oxford Street are my favourite.

    Speaking of building relationships with bloggers, I just started a blog! Ok...that was not subtle.

    PS. University of Birmingham? I've applied there for Politics :)


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