Outfit Favourites: April

Girl Next Door Fashion is a year old on 22nd December, so over the next few weeks I'm going to be looking back over my favourite outfits and posts from the last year.  You can see my outfit favourites from January-March here

April was where I really went crazy. I had a month off school and lots of revision to do. The weather was nice and pleasant and I had the day to myself to run around with my tripod (which I got for my birthday so I had by now). And boy, did I take advantage of this.
I think I did an outfit post almost every day in April and that was where I really started to have fun and play with my style. Some of these outfits are still my favourites today.

These were taken at Heaton Park in Manchester on Easter Sunday. I was bored and wanted to get out in all the clothes I'd gotten for my birthday (pretty much!!) so I got my dad to take these pictures while I ran around pretending to be a model. I absolutely love this jacket and wish it wasn't at home. This was my phase over summer where I was obsessed with nude and bought nude everything. I absolutely love this skirt too!

This is one of my favourite go-to outfits. A simple lace tshirt and high waisted shorts, with my favourite military cardigan. I still love this outfit now because it's so simple and easy to throw on. Not sure about my piggy slippers though...

I pinched this gorgeous denim waistcoat off my mum and I love it. It's about 30 years old so it's real vintage!! I absolutely love this look too. I never usually mix black and denim but I really loved this. I love it because it's so casual and simple but really makes a statement. Looking over my old outfits is so inspiring!!

I absolutely love mixing florals and leather, and I completely fell in love with this Henry Holland playsuit. The leather jacket and military boots are my perfect pieces for toughening up something so pretty. I absolutely love playsuits. More difficult to go to the toilet in, but much more fun than a dress!!

I love these shorts. They were so perfect for summer. I really love this look because it's so cute but casual. I definitely have a problem with dressing casually. I also have a problem with check shirts, but this really opened mt eyes to different ways of wearing them. I love how bright and Spring-y this outfit is!!

It's funny how you can look at outfits and remember the day so vividly without even having to read the post. This is a similar version to the outfit on the 13th April, but much more vibrant and fun. This outfit just came together unexpectedly, and I often find those are the best kinds of outfits. I love the mix of prints and colours in this.

Aaah I just lovelovelove this dress!! It was from such a cheap shop and it was such a lovely surprise.I love the way it looks layered over a lace top too. I wore this a lot in summer with bare legs and red shoes, but I absolutely love it with black boots and tights. I'm hoping to remix this for winter at some point soon too.

Well those are my outfit favourites from April. I took a hiatus for a month after April while I did my exams, so my next collection of outfit favourites will be May- August 2010.
Are you enjoying this series? I'm having so much fun going back over my old outfits and being inspired all over again!!

Have a great day,

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love all these outfits! Especially the denim waistcoat with the striped top ones, very nice! I've been stealing my mum's old clothes recently haha, but I haven't found anything wintry enough to wear at the moment =)
    Sian xx
    PS: Have you got my dress yet??


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