Tell all the English boys you meet about the American Boy back in the States.

Well like I said yesterday, I am back home in England for 3 weeks now.
I am way more homesick from America than I expected.
I miss my friends, I miss American accents and I miss my American boy.
I'm still confused and jet lagged- I can't get used to the fact it's only 8am back home.
I went to bed, exhausted at 8pm last night. I woke up wide awake at midnight, then woke up again at 11am ://

BUT I am glad to be home. It's very surreal.
I miss being different and I miss American accents.
But I have my camera now- yay!!
I got my dad to take these pictures this afternoon. I wanted to go outside but it was far too cold!!

Want a really great way to force yourself to remix your clothes? Do what I did and realise you' haven't brought anywhere NEAR enough clothes home. You're gonna be seeing this dress a LOT. Plus I have a washing service here- thanks Mum!!
Rebecca of The Clothes Horse actually has this little military cardigan and I normally wear it open (like here) but she inspired me to wear it button, which I really like.

One of my resolutions for next year is to wear heels more often in the day time. Of course, they kill my feet but I forgot how much I adored these red heels!! They are the ultimate in sexy shoes.

I have so much writing to do for tomorrow!! Deadlines don't sleep just because it's Christmas!! I'm excited for Christmas tomorrow though. I asked my Dad to wrap my presents for me because I have so much to do today and I'm going to get my Mum to wrap his!! I'm going to do a photo an hour tomorrow so I can update either tomorrow or boxing day :]]

dress- Forever 21
cardigan- H&M
heels- Dorothy Perkins

Have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!
I'd better go catch up on all my blogs- finals, flying and jet lag have got me awfully behind!!

Hope Santa brings you everything you wish for,

Charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Love those red heels!! They look so good with the outfit! Also, I just looked on the page you linked to with your cardigan undone and I read you went to see Green Day, did you go to the Manchester one?? Because I was there too haha!! Crazy =D My sister has loved Green Day for yeeears so we've taken her to see them twice now, and they are pretty good actually!
    Sian xx

  2. This outfit is one of my favorites of yours!! You look gorgeous :)

  3. cute, cute, cute! happy xmas! xxx

  4. So cute! Good luck catching up on everything!

  5. Love the pop of color the shoes add. You look adorable!

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