As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm off to Europe on Monday for two weeks so this is likely to be my last post for a couple of weeks!! I've had a mental few days but these photos are from Wednesday when I had a really chilled out day and then went to go and see Green Day who were immense!!

I absolutely love this outfit. These shorts were an absolute bargain from boohoo and I just thought they'd be really quirky and fun!! I was really happy with this outfit and how these photos came out. When I get back from holiday I promise more exciting photos will be on the way. I just need to rid myself of my anxiety standing posing with my tripod in public!!

striped top- primark red shorts- military cardigan- H&M boots- office jewellery- shop/accessorize

I am once again back being really into red lipstick!!

I got my results back from my exams and am proud to announce that I have achieved a 2.1 in my second year and am very happy!! I could've done better in a few of my exams where I got 59s and 58s (60 is a 2.1 :]]]) but I am so much better at essays than exams and in my final year I should only have 1 exam and the rest should be essays so I'm hoping that will take off some of the pressure!! My second year only counts for 12.5% anyway as the other 12.5% comes from my year abroad with the final 75% of my degree being from my final year marks.

So, what's new with me? Well in everyday life I have just gotten home after finishing my second year, which is very weird and I'm very emotional. I said goodbye to a lot of people who have come to mean the world to me this past year. You all know who you are. I had a bit of a cry at work last night. I know I say it all the time, but this year truly has been the best of my life. I really hope I don't lose touch with all the people who have really touched my life. All the people I work with, my friends on my course, and of course, my best friends. Fairgreen and the Glamour Girls- I love you all!! Last night was a great night at work. It was a bit stressful but I got to see all my friends celebrating their results and have one last shift for a year with the people I love. It's going to be an emotional few days- I'm glad that I have my holiday to take my mind off being sad!! It was awful leaving my empty bedroom with its white walls and empty wardrobe. That house has a lot of memories for me, and ones I won't be forgetting any time soon!!

But in more exciting fashion-y news, I found out yesterday that I won a competition I entered at Graduate Fashion Week to win a year's membership at Fashion Capital, which is rather exciting!! I also got an email from a friend in South Africa on Tuesday asking if I could write an article on fashion and football in light of the South African world cup, and even though the article has been heavily edited I'm really excited that it's here on the Cape Town touirst board website!!

I also met Stephanie from The Fashion Careers Clinic at Graduate Fashion Week and she spoke to me about going to the press release of her new book coming out about careers in fashion. I know a lot of people who read this are interested in fashion-y futures so I'll keep you updated on that one!! Have a look on the site for loads of fantastic advice for fashion careers :]]]

So yes, life is all a bit sad at the moment. I'm not great at goodbyes and I'm not great at change. I don't want this year to ever end, but I felt the same about 2008 and I've gone on to bigger and better things. I just hope I don't lose all the friends I've made along the way.I like to think that the people I have met the past year are the kind of people who will always be in my life, no matter what. And mobile phones and Skype and facebook mean there isn't really any excuse to lose touch.

Now for an afternoon of packing and sorting things out for holiday!! I absolutely hate packing and sorting and the worst part is that everything I want to take is going to be carried on my back for 2 weeks so while these next two weeks are going to be amazing, they may not be the most fashionable of my life!! There should be a lot of excitement when I get back though; starting to write for College Fashion and The Fashion Buzz and hopefully some more work experience and lots of fun!! This is my first holiday with my friends so I have no idea what to expect, but I'm sure it'll just be like us usually just abroad!! Three of us already live together so spending constant time together shouldn't be a problem!! Expect a massive update when I get back!!

Charlotte xxx


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