Graduate Fashion Week and other exciting times at GNDF!!

Well hello there!! I am proud to announce that along with my feature at Handswen Hearts, I am also featured over at Accio Hagrid by one of my favourite new bloggers, and people, Kristi!! I will be interviewing her over here too and we're hoping to do a couple of guest posts, so go check her blog out, she's fantastic!!

Well, Graduate Fashion Week- what a day!! You can read my full report for Student Fashion Blog here, but I wanted to do a more personal experience of it over here :]]] The day started bright and early at 6.15am when my alarm went off and Ellen and I walked down to the station for our train at 8am. We finally arrived in London after a 4 hour coach journey at 12.45pm- 15 minutes before we were meant to be at our first show!! Obviously, that never happened, but we arrived in plenty of time for the International Show. Graduate Fashion Week was awesome. Full of designers and interesting creations and lots of people to talk about fashion to. I had a press ticket which allowed me a big badge saying "Press" which if nothing else made me feel awesome!! I also had my photo taken pretty much as soon as we got in by another Press badge holder who asked me "who are you working for?". That was pretty exciting!!

The whole day was spent chatting to people, receiving and picking up business cards (though I cursed myself for not having some myself- luckily my mum is in printing and has designed and ran me off 50 this week which are gorgeous!!) and learning a lot.

The show was fantastic, and while scribbling down notes and spying the Telegraph's fashion reporter opposite us, I felt like a true professional. Sitting there I just thought, yes, this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.

And while I was there, look who I met!!

I told her I was a huge fan and a blogger too and she went on my blog!! How amazing is that?! Meeting Susie was amazing, and I'm so glad Ellen convinced me to go back and get a picture!!

So generally, GFW was a fantastic day. I loved being a reporter and chatting to people. I really wish I'd had business cards on me, both for me and for SFB but maybe next time!! I wish people had made more of an effort to talk to me instead of me having to talk to them but I guess that is in the nature of the job. I didn't quite feel confident enough yet to go up to people and talk to them, but I'm hoping I will have the confidence next time!!

In other exciting news, it's looking pretty likely that I'll be starting writing for The Fashion Buzz soon, which is very very exciting!! It's my first experience of paid blogging and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from it!! I also finished my article for the magazine at home and she loved it so hopefully I'll get getting a copy of that soon which I will scan for you all!!

And finally, thanks to the amazing Kristi (who I will be featuring in my next post!!) I am now a member of Look Book!! I've not really had a chance for an outfit post lately but I promise as soon as I get chance I will do some more- I've just been too busy to be stylish the last few days!!

Hope you're having a lovely day!!

Charlotte xxx


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