Blogger of the Month: Kristi!!

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Right so back onto our blogger of the month!!

Kristi and I got talking a few months ago because I just loved her style. Everything about her is so uniquely pulled together. I love her little blazers and scarves and her gorgeous little heeled boots. I just think her and her style are adorable, and I'm really excited about her being my blogger of the month!!

Here's a little interview I did with her and some of my favourite of her outfits :]]]

Blogger of the Month: Kristi of Accio Hagrid!!

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself!!

Let's see... My name's Kristi, I'm currently a Junior and almost a Senior in High School. As you can tell by the name of my blog I'm a crazy Harry Potter fan. I'm super in to the HP fandom and I listen to Wizard Rock and everything, haha! I live in Seattle, WA - yes the hometown of Microsoft and Starbucks, and yes I love coffee. But I do prefer tea. I love art, especially oil painting, but lately I've lost the time to do more work. I'm a total nerd and I'm currently taking four Advanced Placement classes.... sigh. : ( This makes my life miserable. My favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie.

2. When and how did you first get into blogging?

I started my blog back in June of 2008, but I'd just post random things I'd find, book reviews, etc. I only really got into the fashion blogging world in November of 2008, when I discovered Lookbook. From there, I found blogs and slowly started to follow more and more. My blog's been solely dedicated to style since the beginning of this year, since my New Year's resolution was to blog more.

3. What inspires you?

Definitely the blogs that I follow and things I see on Lookbook. There are a couple girls at school whose styles I covet, and they inspire me as well. I'm completely over magazines... I used to subscribe to so many but one day I was just too lazy to renew my subscriptions so they ran out. And I'm not heartbroken. haha!

4. What 5 items do you think ever girl should own?

Oh, that's hard! Okay, well first of all a good belt can totally transform any outfit. I see so many girls around that would benefit from just a simple waist-defining belt. Next would be tights. I find them to be much more comfortable than jeans, which is probably why I wear skirts/dresses so much. Third would be a good solid pair of boots. My favorite pair is from Bass, which seems like it's an old-lady shoe store, but they have such good quality and comfortable shoes. Especially considering where I live is super rainy, boots are a necessity. Fourth would be a grey boyfriend cardigan. They go with any outfit and can transition from season to season. Fifth... a circle scarf. The American Apparel circle scarf is seriously like magic. I wear mine to school nearly every day - it works as a scarf, a dress, a hood, a headwrap (for rain haha), a blanket... the list is endless.

5. What are your hot picks for summer 2010?

I'd have to say Chambray and denim pieces. I'm still on the hunt for something equivalent to American Apparel's oxford dress in a chambray color because their sizing didn't fit me well. Obviously a lot of florals, but the pattern of the moment is really stripes. I see the nautical trend taking off.

6. Where do you see yourself (and your blog) in 5 years?

Well, hopefully I'll be graduating college by then and on to the "real world"!! I hope I can continue my blog, and I really want to stay consistent in my posting. It's so easy to slip away for a few weeks and then completely lose track of blogging. This blog has really forced me to be more creative in my outfit choices and become more conscious of my appearance, which I really think is a positive thing! I hope to God that I won't become one of those college students moping around campus in a hoodie, sweatpants, and Uggs.

7. How do people react to you being a blogger?

Well... usually I don't tell them, haha! Only a couple of my close friends know. One of them is really into the blogging world and has her own style/beauty blog as well. The other was really surprised that I take the time to get pictures almost daily, but is supportive

8. How would you describe your style?

I would say girly, classic, and relatively conservative. Well, not to the point where I'm covering every inch of my body, haha, but I'm not going to go parading around in a butt-length miniskirt without leggings, unlike many people on the hot pages of Lookbook. My main aesthetic is balance. A baggy top will look better with a tighter bottom half, and vice versa. This applies to color as well.

9. What are you lusting after right now?

A chambray/oxford-colored dress! I really love the one at AA, but their sizes are either XS/S or M/L and I'm in between. When I tried it on at the store, the smaller one was way too tight (I couldn't move my arms!) and the big one was like ginormous.

10. Where are your favourite places to shop?

I'd have to say Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. I can always find good deals at F21, and UO has great sales. I'm a total bargain hunter and probably won't pay for something over $25 or 30. I also really love Target!

11. Who are your fashion idols?

Well, I don't follow many celebs' styles too closely, but Rachel Bilson is always super adorable and polished. Alexa Chung, of course, is fantastic. Although I watched her give an interview one time and her voice really scares me. She has a super low voice. But anyways, I'd also have to say that Nicole Richie is beautiful, and although bohemian isn't really my style, I think she always looks so ethereal. Even though I despise the Hills and the City, the girls from those shows are always really on-trend.

12. What are some of your favourite blogs?

The blog that introduced me to the fashion blogging world is Selective Potential, and I really really love her style. It's so girly and relaxed at the same time, and that's what I aim for. Actually I'd have to say all the girls of the Delightful Dozen - Calivintage, Delightfully Tacky, Idee Geniale, Orchid Grey... Also, Adored Austin and Kendi Everyday never fail to make me laugh out loud. The Clothes Horse, Le Blog de Betty, and Pandora are always stunning.

13. What is your home town like?

I actually live in a suburb of Seattle, a short 30 minutes away. The city I live in is pretty small, and we have a really lame mall that only has Pac Sun and American Eagle in it. Basically, I have to look elsewhere in terms of shopping/style. The girls here are really stylish, though, if not a little too much overdosing on florals, fake tans, and Ugg boots. My school is actually pretty well-known for its environmental science programs, and our school even has solar panels on it, and is heated by geothermal energy. This has kind of transferred to our town, and the community in general is pretty eco-friendly.

14. What is your favourite thing about summer?

No school and sleeping in! Of course! But in terms of style, it's so refreshing to have ONE season when raining is at its minimum. I spend most of the time in dresses, and I look forward to lazy days on the beach.

15. How do you keep your outfits looking new and original? How do you mix things up?

Well a lot of the time I'll look through my hyped list on Lookbook and try to recreate an outfit that I like. Other times I'll take one central item and try to balance a look around it. It's sort of like playing mix-and-match with the same tops and skirts.

16. You seem to make a lot of things on your blog- how do you get inspired to make jewellery etc?

Aw, thanks for noticing! Well I guess I could say that I'm pretty artistic, and art has really been a central part of my life for a long time. For a while a couple years back, I was really into making jewelry, so I have a lot of tools, beads, etc. I guess my crafti-ness comes from my mom. She really is like the Crafting Queen. Plus, I really like having a unique piece that no one else has.

17. What do you do when you are not blogging?

My life is so sad. Most of the time is spent doing homework. Seriously. But other than schoolwork, I enjoy playing guitar and ukulele. I taught myself how to play both, so I'm not all that great at it, but it's really fun. I spend a lot of time reading as well. I love watching TV - Glee, SNL, Lost (tear), Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty (tear)... I also spend a lot of time at Target. No joke, haha, I'm there like once a week. Other than that, I hang out with friends. :)

So if you haven't already, gogogo check out her blog!!

More about me later :]]

Charlotte xxx


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