“Looking good and dressing well is a necessity. Having a purpose in life is not.”

You often find when you are coveting the style of someone you admire that style is often quite specific to a particular person. And you more often than not hear someone's rejection of something a bit different as "it just isn't my style." But finding your own style isn't necessarily easy, and it's something that is constantly evolving.

I feel at twenty years old I've finally found my own style. I can finally walk into a shop and find something straight away that I consider to be "me", but at the same time I think it's important to stay constantly inspired by new things, constantly wanting to try new things, always curious. I probably wouldn't have thought a year ago I'd adore the nude trend as much as I have done; being quite pale means that previously I'd swear anything off that I thought could potentially make me look deathly. But it turns out I love it, having seen it in magazines and on mannequins, I finally felt ready to explore it for yourself.

But I fear people considering finding their own style to be a hindrance. I hear so many people saying "oh that just isn't me" or "that doesn't suit me" way before even trying it on. Just because you have hips it doesn't mean you can't wear skinny jeans, and having a small chest doesn't mean you can't go strapless. Clothes should be fun, and you should be constantly trying new things. Your style should evolve with changing fashions.

But I emphasise the difference between style and fashion. Trends may be forever changing, but style is universal. Fashion is something you can buy, style is something you must possess.

I was inspired to write this mind-dump after spending a little too long on Look Book today and feeling inspired, wanted to try something new. After parading round for about an hour and still not feeling quite right, it came to me, this just wasn't me. As much as I tried to look like one of the girls on Look Book, the truth was, it just wasn't me. I didn't quite feel comfortable, I didn't quite feel right. So I changed. Just into something easy and everyday- a £2.99 striped H&M skirt and a red vest top, but already I feel much better. I feel much more me.

I find that I should be inspired by everything. I feel people are always expecting new and exciting outfits, and new and exciting outfit posts. And now I've joined Look Book I feel like I should be one of these girls who can throw on any combination of things and look amazing. But I guess that just isn't me. I have friends who can do that (Ellen, that's you); just throw something together with an air of effortlessness and just look amazing. But I've never been able to do that. My laddered tights may have been laddered by mistake, but I wear them with intent. They're meant to look like I'm not trying too hard. Which if course, I always am.

Every outfit I've ever put together has been carefully planned. I can't pull off throwing things on. It never looks right. My style is carefully constructed; never mismatched. And if I feel a combination doesn't quite look right, I'll change until I feel comfortable. I'd love to have that effortless, messy cool look. But I guess that just isn't my style.


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