Okay let's start with me having a moan, just to get it out of the way. Here are the reasons why today, thus far, has sucked:
1. I lost my favourite studded belt. I am very upset. It was hot so I was carrying my coat around and I think I must have dropped my belt
2. I have loads of homework to do tonight and all I want to do is sleep
3. I didn't get to meet with my tutor today which means I can't cross it off my to-do list
4. I did, however, meet the professor of the journalism class I wanted to take next semester, and he suggested another class I could take, but I'd already decided to take my photography class so now I'm confused
5. I'm hungry and there's nothing I want to eat
6. I'm not sure if I like these photos.
7. I got confused in class today and may have to almost completely rewrite an essay.

Okay, moan over :]]

But on the other hand, here is why today was awesome.
1) I was featured on the Candy Dish links over at College Candy (I am still pinching myself that I now write for them!!)
2) HerCatwalk featured an outfit inspired by me!! You can find it here (you might have to be logged into Facebook :]])
3) My Forever 21 Gift Card came!! But they don't have the skirt I initially wanted, so I'm stuck between the red skirt and a dress, or another skirt that I saw, or 2 dresses and 2 skirts and paying the difference!! Actually I can show you!! It's this dress and this dress, and this skirt and this skirt. What should I buy? I figured the dresses would be good for layering and on their own, but I do like the red skirt... help!!
4) As did some lovely Mulberry goodies from Rosie!!
5) It's only 16 days until I get to go home!!

I have no idea what is going on with my fringe. I dried it upside down. Big mistake. Huge.

My inspiration for this post was the fabulous Rebecca of The Clothes Horse. I love her remix posts so much- they are a huge inspiration for getting as much as you can out of the clothes you already have. So last night I got out nearly all my clothes and began to put new combinations together for the winter. I'd had this idea in my head for a while and I kinda like it. I know the necklines don't really match but does that matter? I wasn't sure. For someone reason though, this jumper makes me look about five times more wide than I actually am. I think it's a little bit too big.

I've actually got a fair bit of mileage from this playsuit, considering it was about £15 from Primark!!

I have a lot of other ideas for how to wear it now, thanks to Rebecca and my inspiration time last night. I admit, the majority of the 37 outfits I put together in my head probably won't work (I tried one this morning that definitely didn't work)

Actually, you know what, I like this outfit. Who says your necklines have to be perfect? Plus it kept me very warm, a little too warm actually!! I really want to have some fun with this jumper because it's the perfect length for with high-waisted skirts and dresses. I really want the same one in mustard too. Mum, if you're reading this... Sian has it and I just love it :]]

playsuit- primark
jumper- george at asda
shoes- target
necklace- primark
ring- dorothy perkins

And here is my ring, because I got a few compliments on it today. I rarely wear rings but I love big statement ones like this. As you can see I have small, stubby hands and nail-bitten fingers so I don't often draw attention to my hands!!

Please let me know what you think about a) my journalism vs. photography dilemma and b) my less important F21 giftcard dilemma!!

See you tomorrow, have a great evening.

Charlotte xxx


  1. I have a friend in Germany who has the same playsuit. I love playsuits but they don't really suit me.

    I would go for the photography class just because I love photography [although I hate taking pictures of myself].

  2. As a lover of all things photography... I would say take photography (especially since you're a blogger taking your own pics!)! And I LOVE that red dress. But the other choices are lovely too! And that sweater does NOT make you look big- you look lovely!

  3. I love this remix the red jumper is perfect over that playsuit and its pattern is fantastic.
    I think for the forever 21 gift card you should get the leopard skirt, I have one similar and I get a ridiculous amount of use out of it.
    We all have shitty days like this, at least you were able to find some good in it!!

  4. oh i love your red sweater so much!!! it looks adorable over the playsuit and it definitely does not make you look big!! the leopard print skirt and the red dress are super cute (they are my favs) but the other two are as well :)

  5. Oh, I vote the red dress and leopard skirt :)

  6. I can see your dilemma with the F21 purchase! I can't decide between the red dress or the red skirt. They are both so cute!

    I really love your outfit today, especially the sweater :)

  7. Awww, I'm sorry to hear about your day, but you *do* look amazing!

  8. i like the red dress and red skirt. lol. the purpley one is cute too but they would all suit you. hope your uni stuff works out, i hate omg moments where you think you've effed up completely. love that jumper
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  9. I really like your sweater! It's a gorgeous color and goes really well with your skin tone. I think your hair looks great. It seems like it's growing out a bit, and I like it!

    Read your last post and I'm curious: when did you go to Bentleyville? We went yesterday.

  10. Nice remix, the jumper looks great with the dress

    L x

  11. I love your sweater, it looks super warm! Sounds like the good things outweighed the bad, how amazing to have all those features :]


  12. Yay! The same jumper haha! I really like it in red too, that's funny that you want it in yellow and I'd love to try red! =) It looks really good in this outfit too.
    Also, I really like the idea of remix, I might try it out sometime =D
    Sian xx


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