Love, Lust and Links

It's Sunday, here we are again!!

1. New Blogs shoutouts
I went a bit crazy and started following LOTS of new blogs this weekend. Here are a few of them!!
She Floats
The Audacity Effect
Scrapbook de la Emma
Cherry Pullinger
The Pink Teapot
Style Whiskey
Head Over Heels
City of Glitter
Lindsey Soup
Coffee and a Cardigan
Society's Misfit
Strawberry Koi
Strike a Pose
The Clothes of Roses
Beauty Simplistic
Natalya's Closet
Dottie's Dots

2. Hot Chocolate
Is there a more satisfying drink when you get in from the cold? I think not.

3. 10 days to go!!
Can you believe I go in 10 days?! It feels like yesterday I arrived. Expect lots of reflective posts over the next few days!!

4. My awesome Duluth friends
The nearer I get to coming home the more I realise how much I'm going to miss my Duluth friends. Kait, Laura, Michelle, Lindsey... you all know who you are!!

5. High shoes

(I'm second from the left in the knee-socks and clogs :]])
We all wore ridiculously high shoes and dressed up on Friday to bake cookies and cake and be festive and watch...

6. Love Actually

I was getting pretty tense that it was 2 weeks until Christmas and I hadn't watched this film yet. It is my absolute favourite Christmas film and completely gets me in the festive mood!!

7. The Godfather Part II
Okay, feel free to hate me, but it was definitely not as good as the first one. Maybe I just love the first one because I love the book so much and I love Michael to death, but I don't like him in this one. But nevertheless, I'm glad I've seen it now. I'm hoping to get the Trilogy for Christmas so I can check the third one out, even though I've heard it's not great. I love Al Pacino :]]

8. What I actually bought from F21
I know I've been going on for ages about what I was going to buy from Forever 21 and I ended up changing my mind about 500 times. So I finally bit the bullet and here's what I bought...

fairisle knit cardigan- for keeping snuggly and warm.

stripey cardigan- because I don't have one and it's way more fun than black

red dress- because I figured I already have a blue dress and I decided against the red skirt because I already have red shorts, which I haven't worn much.

9. Chunky knits
I love this post by Strawberry Koi. It just makes me want to cosy up!! I have a gorgeous chunky knit jumper my mum sent me that I need to show you all. It's huge but it looks great belted a la Louis Vuitton

10. The Semester Nearly Being Over
Two more assignments to write, two more to finish, one take-home final and three real finals and I'll be ready to go home. I am damn proud of myself for coping this semester with a whole new school system, not knowing anyone, 4000 miles from home. This definitely deserves a post of its own.

11. My amazing housemate, Emily

My gorgeous housemate Emily is 21 today. I love her more than anything, she is amazing. I wish I could be there for her birthday but I hope her present makes up for it!!

12. Links
There are some fabulous ones this week!!
This post by Dottie's Dots definitely applies to all girls I know. What about you?
What to do when you're feeling crappy, here.
This post is really interesting on Skinny Guilt.
A great post here on layering tights.
I definitely need this one- how to survive winter!!

13. Being Cultured
I went to see Richard III on Tuesday for extra credit in my Shakespeare class. I love going to the theatre- why don't I do it more often?!

14. Saying "yes!!"
I am never as busy as I think I am and it's been nice this week to go to parties, have time to hang out with my friends and have a DVD night with my housemate without feeling guilty.

15. My column in The Statesman

I've been writing for the Statesman since about the second week I got here and have a weekly column, but this was the first week to include pictures!! Everyone has been recognising me now!! It's cool and kinda weird- I feel famous!!
16. My Outfit Favourites Posts
Have you been following my favourite outfits posts? No? Well you can see the first two instalments here and here. My blog is a year old this month so I've been going through my favourite outfits of the past year. I'm finding it really exciting and inspiring!!

17. Pink lips

I tried out pink lips instead of red yesterday and was very happy with the outcome!! It's great to have a change in my usual makeup regime!!

What are you loving, lusting after and linking to this weekend?

Charlotte xxx


  1. The pink lips looks great on you!!

  2. What a great post! Chock full of cool information. Thanks for sharing.

  3. aww thanks so much girl for adding me to your new blog list :). and am so looving those clog high heels ;). and wow congrats on the paper column! a celeb in the making :). & really agree, my fav warm drink from the winter weather - hot chocolate :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. Thanks for the mention, very sweet of you!
    I bought the first cardi you have in f21 too! Infact I'm wearing it right now! Good taste mrs :)


  5. Thanks for the shoutout! Your blog is one of my new favorites! :) Um, I watched Love Actually twice this weekend and I LOVE it! One of my favorites too. I love that sweater from f21- good picks! Good luck on your assignments!

  6. thanks a bunch for the shout out!

  7. I love pink lips. I love high heels!
    Glad I came across your blog! If you get the time, please visit mine - I think you might like it ;))) If you do, just like any blogger, I appreciate comments and if you like it THAT much, then followers :D Have a nice day xxx

  8. this is really such a great post! i love everything in this haha. not gonna lie i was smiling the whole time. you sound so happy! and of course you should be. :] i'll be checking out all the links you posted and thank you for mentioning me <3

  9. Aw, thanks so much for linking to me! Dressing up for cookies sounds delightful. And congratulations on the column! It sounds so exciting! Is there a place where we could read it?

    Lindsey Soup

  10. thanks so much for the blog shoutout! Really appreciate it :D


  11. awww thanks so much for the mention. i adored reading this post. Love Actually is amazing.

  12. awww thank you for including me in the shout out! i absolutely love the shoes you're wearing in that picture with the knee highs and thats fab about your column! x

  13. thank you so much for the shoutout charlotte! i've admired your blog for a while now, and to have you include me in a post is just awesome! and i definitely agree, love actually is the best holiday movie ever!
    xo kyrstin!

  14. Thanks for shouting out to me. YAY! I love Love Actually as well, such a loving feel good movie I remember the first time I watched it and just felt overwhelmed by love haha
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  15. Super big thanks for the shout out! And don't even get me started on Love, Actually.... I have a super "older gentleman" crush on Alan Rickman :)


  16. O_0 I love the fair isle cardigan!! And Love Actually of course.

  17. Hey, thank you very much for linking my skinny guilt post! :D (I still haven't gotten to watch Love Actually yet this year, but I definitely need to! I love it so.)

  18. Thank-you so much for the lovely link love, Charlotte! xoxo


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