Outfit favourites: September

Girl Next Door Fashion is a year old on 22nd December, so over the next few weeks I'm going to be looking back over my favourite outfits and posts from the last year.  You can see my outfit favourites from January-March here,  April here and May to August here.

Well from here onwards all my outfit photos have been from here in the US! I'm not sure if it's just natural progression and evolution but I have definitely found myself become much more experimental and having much more fun with my clothes since I came here. I was only able to bring two suitcases of clothes with me (although I have shopped a LOT and had a lot of clothes sent over from home) and I think that became a real challenge. You might notice that I've re-worn a lot of the same things in different ways while I've been over here. I like that. Some of my favourite bloggers are excellent at remixing, and hey, who can afford to buy new things for every outfit? Remixing helps keep me inspired and my wardrobe feeling fresh.

14th September 2010

There are a lot of things I love about this outfit. Of course, this playsuit which I seem to wear all the time but absolutely adore. Secondly, the socks. These are my favourite knee socks. They are completely cosy and warm and they come right up to thigh-length which I find much more flattering. Thirdly, the setting. Before these all my outfit shots had been in my room and didn't look great. I love photos in the street but they are tricky to take. Lauren took these for me :]]

28th September 2010

This is probably one of my favourite outfits and shoots of my whole blog history. Something about these photos just looked amazing when I turned them black and white, and the outfit itself I just loved. I was sceptical about whether I'd wasted my money on this aviator jacket, but this look just made me so happy. This is my favourite autumn/winter look. I just love everything about it.

29th September 2010

This is the second photoshoot I did with the lovely Ashley of Two Eyes in The Mirror. What a difference a DSLR makes hm? The camera is she has now is the one I'm getting at Christmas so I can't wait for better quality pictures. This outfit was so simple but I really liked it. I love leopard print and we were both pretty happy it rained because my umbrella matched my outfit!! Everyone finds the fact I always carry an umbrella funny, but when you're British you have to!! You never know when it's gonna rain!! You might recognise this skirt from my last outfit post too :]]

Wow, apparently I only chose 3 favourite outfits from September (even though I'm pretty sure I took quite a lot of photos!!). I compiled this list a few weeks ago so I can never remember which outfits I chose. But hey, it's finals week, who wants to look through a tonne of old pictures? :]]

I was going to merge this month with October but I have quite a few outfits in the Favourite's List for October so I'll save you the excitement until then :]]
Which months have been your favourite so far? Are you enjoying this series?

I'll be back later- I have another post in the works!!
Good luck to all of you with finals this week too- keep your chin up and eat lots of chocolate :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. Sweet, sweet girl! I just adore your style. Honestly, I can't choose an outfit! Though I will tell you, the links from The Lovely Ones are some of my favorite-- I love remixes, etc.

    Know what else I love? You. And your kickass hair. ;)

  2. hi charlotte! i have just found your blog and read about 50 pages and love it! plus you seem to be going through the same type of adventures i've been through, studying in america and all! i especially enjoyed your lists of things good about america & england =)
    can't wait to see what happens next...

    (hope this didn't sound too creepy.. i just got all excited)


  3. great photos love the outfits


  4. great photos, love your style!



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