top gun.

Okay, well yesterday I rented out a Nikon camera and took lots of lovely photos of leaves and things. Would you like to see them? Maybe I'll upload them and do a post of them. I really liked the outfit yesterday but I didn't feel confident enough to take any photos. So today I somehow managed to put this outfit together (which I'm not going to lie, I love); based around the fact that I was having a bad hair day and wanted to co-ordinate my outfit round my hat, and thought right, photos.
And I'm not sure what I've done but my pictures didn't come out very well. Maybe I accidentally changed some settings, I don't know, but unfortunately I gave up and took all of these on my point-and-shoot. Sorry!! I'm hoping Ashley will help me with settings tomorrow and we should get some good photographs!!

So I was tired this morning and my hair just wouldn't go right. I never used to be a hat person, there are still a number of styles I just can't pull off. But last summer I discovered this hat as a perfect helper with festival hair, and I was over the moon to find it suited me. Here in cold Minnesota I'm going to need a warm hat for winter!! So I thought, okay, start with the hat. I then grabbed these tailored winter shorts which I bought from Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago but hadn't worn yet, and a PWT (oh and a cardigan, but I took that off later in the day). I am obsessed with knee socks so they went on, and simple grey boots. I'm not sure if the boots really go with the sock- I usually wear knee socks with brogues or mary janes, but they went with my grey colour scheme. And the aviator jacket just felt autumn-perfect. So I'm not going to lie, I like this outfit.

Last night was Lauren's 21st Birthday so we went out for Mexican food. To cut a very long and eventful night short, I got to bed about 1am and had lectures this morning so I'm a little tired today to say the least. Thanks to the wonders of Skype though I got a chance to speak to my best friend Steph this afternoon which really cheered me up.

aviator jacket- river island white tshirt- ragstock shorts- charlotte russe hat- new look socks- river island boots- next

Both Lauren and I are feeling kinda homesick today though. For Lauren I think it's because of her birthday and being so far from home, and the drama of last night. For me, I'm not sure. Tiredness, stress, I don't know. All my friends have gone back to uni now and I think I just really feel like I'm missing out now. And it's difficult. I don't want to insist that people spend all their time missing me and talk to me every day, but it's really hard to be away from everyone and missing out on things. I just want people to still talk to me and tell me everything so I feel like I'm there. The time difference doesn't help much either.

I thought I could have a really relaxing day today but it turns out I have a lot to do. Homework, as usual. Articles to write, as usual. Birthday presents to sort out... busy busy!! I got my first piece of post today from my friend Eve!! It was a card with Pandas on (funnily enough, the same card my BFF Ellen got my as a leaving card- everyone knows me and my panda obsessions well!!) and it was lovely!! It was so nice to get post. Hint!!

I'm sorry for the influx of photos, but these just came out so much better than I thought. Maybe it's Duluth in the autumn, being outside, using my old point and shoot or the colouring that I used, but this could be one of my favourite photoshoots ever. People kept walking past me and I got embarrassed, but I just waited for them to go past- annoying when you're on self-timer!! A few people have made comments today about the fact that I take photos of my outfits and talk about them, and when you put it like that it just sounds stupid, but there are millions of fashion bloggers in the world- I'm not even the only one at UMD. I love blogging and I won't let myself get embarrassed by it!! I really love this outfit. I'm getting used to all the strange looks people are giving me; it makes me want to be even more outrageous!! I felt today like this outfit just screamed "autumn" (or "fall" as it is over here, which for some reason seems more appropriate, but my British friends would kill me!!). I'm ready for it now. Well, when my box of goodies from home arrives. I only have one coat and I'm starting to get cold!!

I'm not sure if you remember the outfit that I christened Blair Waldorf, but this outfit is definitely Serena. I've FINALLY caught up on Gossip Girl (well, I have half of episode 2 of series 4 to finish watching) and oh god, I forgot how good it is!! I'm literally finishing one episode and being like, okay I need to know what happens now!! I never really felt like I was inspired by Serena's style before, but I could see her wearing something like this back in Series 1 or 2. Maybe I should do a series like at College Fashion? Jenny wouldn't be hard for me!! I loved that series at CF- I think that was how I got into reading it- and now I write for it!! Crazy, eh? I like series posts, I mentioned doing style inspired by other bloggers a few weeks ago, what do you think? I also loved Annie's Summer Finn Inspired collection- so creative and inspiring!! I did have two fish called Summer and Tom (500 days is one of my favourite films ever), but Summer died on Sunday and Tom yesterday!! I am bad at taking care of pets!!

Well I'm meeting up with Ashley again tomorrow so hopefully we'll take some lovely photos!! A few people were asking about the pink bandage skirt and leopard scarf outfit I wore last week so I might put that on again so you can all see it!! I'll try to get the photos I took with the SLR camera up too cause I have to return it tomorrow!!

How do you feel about autumn fashion? What are you favourite trends for next season? What will you be wearing when the weather turns? Drop me a comment!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Great blog, another really insightful post. I'm really intrigued why your night was so dramatic...?

  2. You did a wonderful job with these photos! They look gorgeous. I'm digging your outfit, especially with the knee high socks! Agh, I would get terribly embarrassed by people passing by, so I commend you for doing your thing regardless!
    Can't wait to see your next photos with your DSLR. <3

  3. Gorgeous! This is a really neat outfit :)

  4. I love your outfits. I first saw them on weardrobe (the pink skirt, leoperd scarf one) and I am like "This girl has a thing for matching umbrellas like me".

    I can totally feel what you;re going through right now being away from home as an exchange student. I came to Canada 4 years ago as an international student and have cried so much in the first few months that I lost count. I was from Bangladesh and the time difference did not help either. It actually took me a year to make some substantial friends but now I don't regret a moment of my life back then.

    Talking about photos with self timer, I don;t know how other bloggers do it so perfectly. My BF used to take my photos but now he's working and doesnot have time, so I am learning the ropes of self photography. But the looks I get from people sometimes. Wow.

    Anyway. I really really really hope we can keep in touch, maybe follow each other's blogs, I dunno. I'd love to stay in touch with you, that's for sure.

    Love from Toronto, Canada


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