ebay strikes again.

I have a confession, I'm obsessed with ebay.
I think it is the thrifty side of me that is desperate to have a constantly updated wardrobe while still saving a few pennies. I have been known to hunt for something that I can buy in my local Top Shop just to save £2.
I also think it's the freedom of what is available. For example, I just bought two coats from ebay after struggling to find anything I really truly liked in the shops and online sites I usually try.
A few clicks and I had hundreds of results which I narrowed down to two coats. And then bought both.
Last night too, I was linked to an amazing vintage shop on ebay and ended up buying two vintage skirts.
Now these skirts are gorgeous, and they are vintage. They are that gorgeous vintage that I never seem to be able to find in vintage shops too.
And they ended up coming to about £24.
Generally, although not always, ebay is a money saver. 
I love it for hair products that I can't afford, makeup and I even bought my ipod from ebay.
If I want something specific I love ebay for helping me find whatever I want, even if it's not in season at the moment, or something old I remember seeing in a shop six months ago and regretted not buying.
Okay, it's completely hit and miss. 
You can't always find what you want, and a lot of things aren't much cheaper than a shop once you account for postage and packaging.
But for example, it was my friend Lauren's 21st on Monday and she really wanted some UGG earmuffs. 
They RRP at about £75.
I found some on ebay and after a long wait in the final few minutes I grabbed them for a third of the price.
And they're real, which I know isn't always the case with ebay. Especially products like UGG boots.

For me, I love knowing something is coming in the post.
I love shopping, but there's something so exciting about waiting for something to arrive.
I can't wait for my skirts and coats to come!!
I admit though, I'm more of a buy-it-now girl than a bidder, but I know people who've saved lots of money by bidding.
Bidding is stressful though, and a lot of annoyance can occur when you get distracted, convinced you've sealed the deal, and find yourself outbid with 6 seconds to go.
True story.

We live in a world hit by one of the biggest recessions in a generation. But many of us aren't willing to give up our lifestyle. 
So if you're happy to  wear someone else's unwanted clothes, or wait a few days for shipping, why not?
A lot of businesses use ebay now, so little vintage finds are fantastic, as are companies who buy things wholesale and sell them for a fraction of the price.

So next time you're looking for something specific that you can't find in stores, give ebay a go.
You never know what you'll find and how much you'll save.

Charlotte xxx 


  1. ive always wanted to, but im so scared that its not safe. D: i first time i made my pay pal account, i got a phone call from the bank that told me they're canceling my account because of strange activity.

  2. Charlotte:
    You are adorable. Your blog is fantastic and you leave the sweetest comments. So, pretty much I want to be your best friend. Too bad you decided to do your year abroad in the US instead of Canada!!


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