First Day of School

I wrote this post last night- 4 virus scans and 2 hours in the tech department later I think my internet is finally working!! So everything in this post is from yesterday so it's a little retrospective!! I'll try to get another post out tomorrow.

As I write this my internet is currently down and I absolutely can’t work it out. But I like the thought that if you’re reading this I’ve somehow managed to get it fixed!!
So, as you can see, today was the first day of school. And it felt like the first day of school. Not the first day at University. Maybe the first day of first year, but not the normal mundane new-start at the beginning of each semester when you’ve rather have one more week of no lectures to watch tv and make cakes, but that first-day feeling of nervous butterflies in your stomach and excitement for the unknown. Today felt like the beginning of something new.
Like my first day of college (I was going to say school but I had a uniform all throughout my school life), I laid out my outfit on my bed. I got this skirt and a red one (finally!!) from Target on my first day here. I’d envisioned it with a navy vest top but I think the white shirt worked quite well. Like I said in one of my previous posts, I love to dress up. And by that I mean like in a costume sense. This was school-girl chic. Although I’m kinda glad I abandoned the knee socks; they might have been a tad OTT.

tshirt- ragstock cardigan- H&M tights- new look skirt- target shoes- new look belt- dorothy perkins jewellery- topshop/ark/

I was excited getting up this morning. I was excited to start all my new classes. I’m taking a 5000 level (yeah, I totally didn’t realise it was so high!!) Shakespeare class, a 3000 level Feminist Theory class, a 4000 level Literature into Film class and a 2000 level Reporting and Writing journalism course. They all feel so fresh and new and excitingly unknown. Obviously the literature classes are similar to things I have taken before, but here they feel shiny and different. My Shakespeare teacher was awesome; I think I’m really going to enjoy that class. It’s a lot of work though- 5000 level does not equal easy!! I’m studying a LOT of plays; Richard III, King Lear, The Tempest, Othello and Hamlet and then another couple of adaptations of Shakespeare plays and a novel. My homework for Thursday is to read the first act of Richard III. It lies open on my desk. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, eh?
My feminism class sounds interesting too. Feminism just sort of crept up on me but I feel as a writer who aims to write primarily to women it is an issue, and I feel it is something I should learn more about. So far it’s a little… all-encompassing, for lack of a better word, but interesting. I think it will definitely depend on the way it is taught and the input of my classmates.

(I know we all hate photos-taken-in-the-mirror but there's not a lot of places to take photos in your bedroom. Well, except for your roommates bed...)

Also today, I went to the gym!! I know, seriously!! Lauren and I plan to go 3 or 4 times a week and I actually quite enjoyed it!! I did half an hour on the bike and half an hour of walking and running on the treadmill. I would really recommend the iPod app “couch to 5k”. I probably won’t be running 5K anytime soon, but hey, apparently I could!!
I’ve always thought anyone who gushed that they loved the gym was full of shit and probably sits at home drinking protein shakes and feeling smug, but today it was actually quite fun. I felt a lot better after, although with my internet being down I’m in a kind of slump now. But still!! I hope I can still manage to go frequently when my work load picks up and I start dancing and writing for the newspaper (hopefully!!). I’ve asked a few people about asking the Duluth Tribune for work experience and most people reckon they’d be more than happy to let me go in and make coffee a few days a week and see what happens there. I’m going to email them really soon. The great work experience plan begins now, even though most of it I won’t be doing until next summer. Urgh.

This outfit reminds me of something Annie from Time Enough for Drums would wear. I love her blog, and love her even more for the fact she’s a Minnesotan!! I love her vintage-store mix of tartan and jumpers and a huge dollop of style. She has an amazing sort of geek-chic style that I really admire. I think she is definitely one of my favourite bloggers. This led me to thinking; would you be interested in a few pieces where I recreate the style of some of my favourite bloggers and a discussion of their style and how to achieve it? There are about 4 or 5 bloggers whose blogs I read religiously and whose styles I think I could easily adapt with the clothes I have. Do you think you’d be interested in this?

I’m also thinking of having and doing a few guest posts. If you’re interested in doing a guest-post-swap (by that I mean you write a piece for me and I’ll write you one back) I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me an email at and tell me about the kind of topics you’d be interested in writing about and what kind of topics you’d like me to write for your blog. I think it’s a great idea when bloggers do this- mutual gain!!
I’m really excited about writing more “pieces” for my blog. I’m not sure if you remember my piece on Spring/Summer jackets? Well someone requested an Autumn/Winter equivalent and I was instantly excited by the idea. Why didn’t I think of that?! I’m really looking forward to doing this!!

I love to hear your suggestions. Is there anything else you’d like me to write about, or write more about? I’m more than happy to write issue on any personal lifestyle or fashion issues you might have- like a stylish agony aunt!! I love to listen and give advice; whether it’s boyfriend trouble or simply “what-shoes-go-with-this-outfit?” I really want to expand GNDF and I’m really happy with the responses I’ve had recently, thank you so much for all your support!! I’ve gained a lot of new followers lately so HI THERE!! Thank you for joining me!! I really hope you like my blog!!
Don’t be shy, drop me a comment :]]
If you leave me a blog link or email I’ll be sure to reply- I used to be able to reply to comments on wordpress but I can’t on here. Stupid!! But saying that I’d rather speak to you properly than in a reply to a comment you probably won’t check back on!!
I’m thinking of doing a give-away soon too. Maybe when I hit 25 followers?
Watch this space!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. It all sounds so awesome, and it's so interesting reading your posts :) Glad your getting on okay and enjoying your classes :) Great outfit too I love the colour of your cardigan :)

    L x

  2. That outfit is too cute! And welcome to the midwest!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  3. The tights definitely take it from "little girl" to "confident young woman." Good choice and good luck!

  4. a perfect fist day of school outfit! you look adorable.

    welcome stateside! feel free to ask any questions (big or small) if you need help getting adjusted!!! :)


  5. I love everything about this outfit. And your hair! Do you dye your hair yourself or have it done?


  6. This outfit is beyond cute! I love the way you put your belt over the cardigan as opposed to just letting it flap around loosely.

  7. Ah this outfit is so cute! and it totally does remind me of something Annie would wear! She is such a cutie pie, I met her on friday during a blogger meet up in nyc and she was looking stunning!
    Happy (belated) first day of school! I hope it was great!


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