(written on Monday morning- more updates later on today :]]])

As I expected, nothing of note happened yesterday. I did my homework, went to the gym, did more homework and then gave up. Not a very exciting day by any stretch of the imagination. But Saturday was fun and these photos were taken on Saturday so let’s go back to that.

Lauren took these photos for me in downtown Duluth on Saturday and I think they look great. My complaints about myself in them are four-fold- I shouldv'e sorted my hair out a bit before they were taken, I should’ve pulled my cardigan across more, I should have pulled my socks up more (they’re over-the-knee socks) and I should have sorted out my tights. You could see the top of them all day. Not cool.

playsuit- primark cardigan- new look knee socks- river island sunglasses- ragstock shoes- new look jewellery- as always

I wore this playsuit a few weeks ago here, but I like it for it’s pure simplicity. Black with flowers on; it goes with everything. I really wanted an excuse to wear these socks and I was really chuffed with the way they came out. I probably caused quite a stir at UMD in them though, especially seeing as I get called a slut in shorts and tights!!

So Saturday I got up to use the internet in the library to do some work and plan my article for the Fashion Buzz (my articles go up every Sunday so I have to be prepared!! Sundays tend to spring up on me) and then I came back and got ready, looked around the UMD store (the Bulldogs have a game coming up this weekend so I need a tshirt to look the part!!) and then we headed off on the bus.

We weren’t really sure which buses we needed to get and apparently in Duluth all the bus numbers LIE. Luckily we found our way down town and had a few hours mooching in our favourite shops; Ragstock, Electric Foetus and a gorgeous little 60s style vintage store which is just amazing. They have genuine vintage leather baseball jackets for $10!! They were really big though because they were guys’ ones, unfortunately. Then we had lunch in the lovely Pizza Luce- we had salads again though but we really need to try their amazing pizza!!

(i hate photos of me smiling!!)

Then we somehow found the bus to the mall!! To be honest, the mall isn’t that great. Everything is very casual- plaid shirts, jeans and hoodies seem to be the fashion everywhere. I liked Charlotte Russe though and bought a couple of blazers and a pair of tailored shorts for winter. But we’ve decided we need to get up really early one Saturday and have a day in the Twin Cities. It takes a couple of hours on the bus with all the stops but even if we got there at midday we’d have plenty of time. And of course, the mall of America is calling!!

We then went to Target but I couldn’t find the shoes I wanted (don’t worry, I’ve ordered them online!!) but I got a few necessities and boring stuff and then we somehow found a bus that took us all the way back home!! We got back about 7.30pm, had something to eat and then I was so exhausted I was in bed reading by 8!! We had a really fun day though- there’s so much to do in Duluth. The zoo next weekend hopefully!!

How did you spend your weekend?

Charlotte xxx


  1. Yay you did an outfit post outside :) Well done :) Nice outfit too, the socks work great :) Glad your still having fun over there

    L x
    Half Dressed

  2. Adorable outfit :') Glad to see your enjoying Duluth.

  3. Ah Charlotte I love everything about this post! Your outfit is adorable as usual. I wish I could wear rompers but somehow they just seem to make me look like a baby in diapers, haha!
    And it looks so gorgeous there in Minnesota!


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