Am I a photographer yet?

I hope the Media Center (sorry, but that's it's title, not center :[[) is expecting to see much of this camera over the next few months. I'm still on Auto mode at the moment (and I can barely use that!!) and self portraits have been a nightmare so far, but yeah, I'm kinda proud of these.
Duluth is really beautiful this time of year. 
But I'll need a lot more practice to capture its true beauty.
I don't know what camera I'm using, some kind of Nikon. But you can tell the difference in quality straight away.
Will I get one of these in my stocking this year? I hope so.

Charlotte xxx


  1. I like your pictures, I wish I could visit Duluth, it looks really lovely (and it's prob warmer than sunderland lol)

    I love Digital SLRs, they are amazing, I really want one too :D

    Its also nice to see that you are finding things that are helping with living over there.

    Fiona xx

  2. Ooo these pictures are so pretty. I love all the autumn coloured leaves :) Nice shots.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  3. the colors are amazing !!



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