The Strange Liberation of a Small Wardrobe.

Although I am patiently waiting the arrival of more of my clothes from home- thanks Mum!!, I have to admit I'm finding it strangely liberating having such a small collection of clothes to choose from each morning. It forces me to make unusual and different choices every day. Already I'm looking at my wardrobe thinking, ah well I'm worn that already, and that too. But it encourages me to put together new combinations, new ideas. A scarf here, a change of top here, different shoes. Even a different jacket can invoke a whole new colour scheme that needs evaluating.

My outfits tend to be pre-designed. As I wrote about in my Organied Girl post, I like to know where I'm up to. And write a lot of lists. I also like my style to be organized and put together. I leave very little to chance. I like to know how everything will work. I know which tops and which skirts go together, which shoes go with each dress. I mix things up occasionally, but I like safety. I like continuity. I am rarely spontaneous, even in such a small, perhaps insignificant part of my life.

Today I inadvertently created one of my favourite outfits. I was in a rush; I had one of those morning when I got up super early to do homework and somehow ended up running out of time. So I found a simple slighty-ruched sleeved black top, and a simple pink bandage skirt. Black tights, black boots, leather jacket. Fairly ordinary, not-very-thought-through outfit. Until I added a leopard scarf and leopard earrings. The whole thing just came to life.

And while I was in class I started to think about other new combinations I hadn't tried before. How about the pink skirt with leopard print tights? Or the pink skirt with a leopard print top? The simple pairing of black, pink and leopard just worked. Why had I never tried this before?

I've always been a girl who likes a lot of choice, a lot of selection. I was terrified at the prospect of only having 46kg to play with for my flight here. I mean, what on earth would and bring, and worse, what would be left behind?

But people always say when you have too many clothes you really don't have any, and I can completely see the logic in this now. But don't get me wrong, I'd bidding on a new coat on ebay right now (and contemplating it in another colour too if I can get a deal on postage...). I love to shop. I love buying new clothes. But having so few makes everything more exciting. Everything can, and has to be, worn in new ways that make them feel fresh.

I wonder what I'll wear tomorrow.



  1. I want to see this pink bandage skirt! I understand where you're coming from. I really need to start thinking about the pieces in my closet, rather than daydreaming about the ones I don't have.

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! And you must post photos soon! I want to see this outfit and the other combos you thought of!

  3. Less clothes = more creativity, right?
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  4. Gorgeous scarf! I can't wait to see how you style it!


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