20 Things I Miss About Home

Okay, the homesickness has started.
I cried quite a lot yesterday. I had a stressful day and I just couldn't handle it anymore. I'd been disconnected from the internet, yet again, and I just didn't know what to do.
My laptop is currently in at the tech centre being looked at, and I should get it back next week all shiny and new. Windows is being uninstalled and I bought Windows 7 so it will probably feel like a new laptop!!
But after speaking to my dad on the phone (costing me about twenty quid in credit (wow american keyboards don't have a pound sign!!)) buying an adorable cuddly panda (I will post photos) and the adorable tech guys (yes, i love nerds) cheering me up, I was a lot better.
But there are still a lot of things I miss about home.
The honeymoon period is over now and it's finally starting to be real. I'm feeling okay right now but both Lauren and I had a few tears yesterday.
There are a few exciting things here right now though. The editor of The Statesman loved my article (I was so worried about it!!) and wants me to keep writing (yay!!), I've had loads more interest in my blog (yay!!), Kait and I are thinking of getting some pretty fishies, and my new shoes should be here soon. I'm doing okay.
But alas, I still feel the need to write this list. So here we go, 20 Things I Miss About Home.

1. My Parents
As you probably know, I'm an only child and I am unbelievably close to my parents. More than most people that I know. With all the stress of the last few days, they're the people I need the most. I just want a cuddle from my Dad and a girly day with my Mum and it just makes me sad that I won't see them til Christmas. But, like I've been told, Skype makes the world a much smaller place.

2. My Friends
I know people here and I suppose there are a few people I would consider friends, but it's nothing like the relationship I have with my friends at home. I miss Steph when I have It's Tricky lodged in my head, Ellen when I open her never-ending envelopes of Freddos and Emily anytime Jared Leto is on TV. Facebook is fantastic but it isn't the same. All my best friends, you know who you are. I miss you all.

3. My Laptop
This is the one thing that is the worst thing you could take from me right now. I feel so disconnected to the world. Which leads me to...

4. Normally sized desks
I don't know why, but American desks are really high up. Maybe I'm short in this country.

5. Shopping
Top Shop, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Boohoo...

6. British Food
I miss mashed potato and Heinz Baked Beans (America, you call that baked beans?!), real chips and food in general that doesn't come from a packet.

7. Gravy
Americans don't understand gravy. And I don't understand veg without it.

8. Reasonably-priced food
$3 for 4 apples? seriously?

9. Going out
Oh yes. Not being able to drink isn't the worst thing in the world, but I really miss being able to buy alcohol and going out clubbing. I can't wait for Snobs at Christmas already!!

10. Not having to share a room
Okay, Kait and I chatted to my roommate and she is lovely, but sharing a room is very odd.

11. Summer
You guys are off uni for another few weeks. I have an essay due on Tuesday.

12. My uni workload
I would kill to work on essays for hours and hours several times a term, instead of homework from every single class which takes up all my time.

13. Free time
My life now consists of- homework, classes, the gym, writing, sleeping and eating. Awesome.

14. Everything being close by
Never have I appreciated how how Manchester is to London. This state is the size of the UK. Driving to the Cities is like driving from home to Birmingham and back. America is big!!

15. Trains
See above.

16. People getting my Britis-isms
Although Kait thinks "I can't be bothered" is the funniest phrase ever.

17. My clothes
I miss my wardrobe :[[[

18. Stuff that I'm missing out on
Birthdays, parties, general goings on in people's lives...

19. The pound
Dollars confuse me. As do the weights of things here.

20. Just being at home
As much as I moaned over summer, there really is no place like home. Thanks, Dorothy.



  1. Aww, you are so cute. I'm sorry things are rough, I can't imagine how homesick I would be. Your a trooper :)

  2. I'm sorry things are going tough for you! Just keep your head up-I'm sure it will get better! Hugs!

  3. I've lived in Canada and America for several years, and I still miss British food. I always make people who come to visit bring me back some!

    Keep bring a trooper- after a while, it will get better!

  4. Awww, dear! I feel so bad for you!!! Just concentrate on your studies and call home as often as you can. :)

  5. Hey. I'm from the UK and am studying in America this year too. I'm really enjoying reading your articles, everything is so bang on, and it's good to know other people feel the same way.
    Anyway, I hope this feeling passes. I know it's been like an emotional roller coaster since I got here!

  6. I'm British and I live and go to Uni in the States too... I understand how you feel, it's so odd not having people who truly understand you. An American friend of mine sent me the link to your Blog, and I think I will keep up with you. I've been here 2 years, but this all sounds so similar to when I first came here. It's never fun at first, but you will make real friends, I know I have.


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