All the Fun of the Fair

These photos are old (well, last weekend) and I'm just getting used to the new Photoshop Trial I'm trying so who knows how they're gonna look. I also don't like my outfit all that much but I wanted to take advantage of the setting.

 Last week I found out Americans really do like fried food.

Oh yes, that says Fried Oreos. All I wanted was something to eat, but it turned out the choice was fried or fried. Including fried cheese.
So I thought, when in Rome and ordered some Onion Rings. This picture is not to scale.

And the guy liked my accent so much he gave me some free fried cheese. A free heart attack? Gee thanks!!

(I know I'm totally not expecting this photo to be taken but I kinda like it!!)

It was really fun though. It was a little cute American fair that a girl in my class invited me too (yay :]]] friends!!) so we went along for a couple of hours. There were lots of stalls selling jewellery and gloves and food and stuff. And fake Prada bags that they insisted were real.

Then we went up the hill where these photos were taken. A bit of a climb but completely worth it for the view. I know I've said it about a hundred million times, but Duluth really is a beautiful little city.

Here are some (unedited) photos of the view from the top of the hill. Unfortunately getting back down was a bit of a nightmare and I'm a proper wuss anyway. I wouldn't go down the steep bit so I made everyone go back up and round. Sorry!!

I've had this dress forever. I got it for my 19th birthday. It's just one of the really simple Top Shop dresses (I have about 3 or 4) and it's great for winter. I wear it over a coral coloured top (which, unfortunately you can't really see) and navy tights and boots. It's one of those outfits I really should update because I bet I could probably do a lot with this dress. But I always wear it in the exact same way!!

dress- top shop cardigan- top shop coral top (barely seen)- h&m tights- top shop boots- barratts button- top shop belt- top shop

Oh how I miss Top Shop. I fell in love with about 10 gorgeous little jumpers from Miss Selfridge today. I'm terrified of it getting cold because my winter wardrobe is so uninspiring. I'm hoping my mum might just treat me to a jumper or two. I really hope so!! I have two new coats coming soon though. I got a blue one and the same one in mustard from ebay for 99c!! Okay, postage was $30 but STILL. It's a BARGAIN!! 

I bought this overpriced little button when I got this cardigan but I love it. It's stitched on now because it kept falling off!!

Okay well homework awaits. Urrrgh. But it's Lauren's birthday tomorrow so we're making cake tonight!! yay!! We're trying this by Hungry Girl. Devil's Food Cake made with Greek yoghurt. I'll let you know how it turns out!!

I took some lovely photos of the trees changing colour yesterday, I'll get them up in the next few days. I'm thinking of renting an SLR this week and I asked my parents today if I could have one for Christmas instead of waiting til my 21st so fingers crossed!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Charlotte xxx 


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