homesick at space camp

Well yesterday was fun. I met up with the gorgeous Ashely of Two Eyes in the Mirror and we had some blog-tastic fun!! If you've never read her blog you really need to. Her style is so unique and fun, and her photography is just amazing. She took all these photos for my blog (and I took hers, but I have no idea how those turned out) and I think I'm in love with her camera!!

Those of you who are super-savvy blog readers may recognise this dress. The absolutely amazing Tieka of Selective Potential wore it here. I remember seeing it and thinking, wow, that is such a gorgeous dress. Half an hour and a few click later and it was on it's way to me!!

It was great to talk to Ashley yesterday about all the frustration in being a blogger. There are so many millions of blogs out there, and there are so many people whose blogs are wildly successful. What is it they're doing that I'm not? It gets me down when I visit people's blogs and they have thousands of followers and they've only been blogging a few months more than me. What is the secret?

It's amazing the difference a good camera can make, and the impact of someone else taking your outfit photos for you. Okay, we were a little embarrassed (especially when we realised how completely in view we were!!) but it was much less embarrassing than taking my own photos!! I think these pictures look fantastic. I also really enjoyed the taking of the photos. I'd never really used an SLR before but now I'm really excited about owning one and can't wait to go and rent one and take some photos!!

I have to admit though, the dreaded homesickness has started to kick in. With all the problems with my internet the past few days I haven't properly spoken to my parents for over a week.It's left me feeling lonely and isolated. The time difference means that it's usually at night when I'm tired and bored when I want to speak to them. And that means it's 5am at home. I'm stressed out about the reality of being here now. Money is becoming an issue- I received my bill from the University and it was more than I was anticipating. And I hate having to ask my parents for more money. I'm starting to hate one of my classes now, which is a bummer, and I have so much work to do. I'm starting to get into a routine though of writing, blogging, homework, reading, gym, socialising and fun. Oh, but I forgot to mention; I now have a roommate.

I feel pretty bad. We've barely said a word to each other since we moved in. She doesn't really speak English and is pretty non-responsive whenever we speak to her. Lauren and I made a wardrobe barricade on Monday so it isn't really like sharing a room, but it makes me nervous and uncomfortable. I'm an only child, I've never had to share a room before. I really want to make an effort with her so it isn't so awkward but I think she keeps herself to herself really and stays with her own friends. Sharing a room is odd though. I felt bad getting up at 8 this morning and worried if she wanted more sleep, but she had her light on way after I went to sleep last night. Maybe mutual respect will work this out. I dunno, I know I sound like a total bitch but it's just a bit of getting used to.

My housemate Kait did a good job of cheering me up last night. We ordered take-away Burrito Union and had a chat and watched Teen Mom. And I managed to get nearly all my homework done. Then Lauren came over and we all had a "spot of tea". It was lovely. I love Kait, she's really helping me to not find this too difficult. And so far, apart from occasional blips, I'm doing okay.

Ooh I forgot to tell you- I went to the Statesman meeting on Monday!! It was fun, I felt like a real journalist!! I have an article on NYFW due on Friday which I'm going to try to finish tonight, and then they're talking about hooking my blog up to the website and maybe having some regular features, maybe even a column!! I've over the moon and plan to work really hard. I'm stressed and busy at the moment, but I think I'm coping. So far.

Ooooh also, I've found what I hope to be my Winter Coat!! It's not available yet, but I'm so in love!! What do you think?

dress- baby says boutique leather waistcoat- ragstock boots- Xavi jewellery- as always

I hereby promise that at some point in the next week I was unpack the rest of my jewellery!!

Right well I'd better have some breakfast (Cheerios with fruity bits in), get dressed and get on with some feminist theory- woohoo!! I know, my life is awesome.

Sorry this post was super photo-heavy. You know what actually, I'm not even a little sorry!!
(I'm also really sorry if I've put up the same photo more than once- it's early still and I'm tired!!)
Thank you again the Ashley for the photos!! Go check out her blog :]]]
We're hoping to meet up on a regular basis so hopefully more nice photos!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. i really like the edgy details mixed with the more feminine patters - lace/florals/pearls.

    i hope with some time the homesickness will fade!!!

  2. Yay the pictures look really awesome !! It must be so fab to actually have someone to take your pictures :) I love that dress, it's so pretty :) I'm gunna go check out your friends blog now.

    L x

    P.S Did you ever go back to lolita?

  3. Hi Charlotte! I love that mod cloth coat!!! Get it!!!! :)

  4. Sorry, it's Mimi from Shakespeare class. ;)
    We should hang out sometime!

  5. Woot woot! Love these, of course. So nice to shoot someone who A) looks good, and B) knows how to work it.

    Hope everything is going good with you...I have no doubt the homesick-ness will pass after a while, but it sure isn't so great right now, is it? And I suppose it's better that your new roomie keeps to herself instead of the total opposite, right?


  6. i think leather, lace and florals are pretty much the perfect combination!!! those pictures look so lovely and i love your outfit so much!! I have a award for you on my blog which i hope cheers you up a little bit!!

  7. Great look. Very savvy. And Ashley is a terrific person. Your collaboration with her will be wonderful!

  8. These are some great photos! And you have the coolest hair ; )


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