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(I am internet-less at my apartment again this weekend so I have a glut of photos from Friday and Saturday to put up, which is difficult without the internet!! I am writing this on Sunday afternoon with the hope of putting this up later on when I go to the library. These photos are from Friday- hence the title)

Inspiration can come from anyway, and its source can often surprise us.  Yes, we are all inspired by magazine shoots and catwalks and what we see adorned on the mannequins of our favourite shops. But inspiration can come from all around us; think of the rise and success of  Look Book- a website dedicated to every-day people showing off their latest looks, The Satorialist celebrates ordinary (yet undoubtedly beautiful and stylish) people on the streets, think of the tramp-inspired look Vivienne Westwood put down the catwalk a few seasons ago. Inspiration is all around us.

This particular outfit was in-part inspired by a girl in one of my classes. Her style is notably sporty- tracksuit bottoms and hoodies; I’m pretty sure she plays women’s football. But in one of my last classes she wore leggings and converse; a combination I hadn’t worn since I was 16. But as I mentioned a few posts ago, converse have become my go-to casual shoe. Perhaps it is something to do with the fact that due to luggage restrictions I could only bring a handful of pairs of shoes. A small percentage of my 60-shoe-strong collection. But I love the effortless I-just-threw-this-on look they have. I love the strong 80s vibe that has been running through spring/summer- I just think it’s so kitschy and cute. So this outfit came from that. Inspiration in unusual places.

I know, photos in my room again. I felt more inspired with these though. I love the ones taken at my desk; they came out just as I imagined- relaxed, messy but cool. The newspaper I’m reading is The Statesman, our university newspaper which hopefully I’ll be joining soon!! They seem really keen for my to get involved because they don’t normally have much on fashion. I made friends with Katie who is the editor of the section I will hopefully be writing for, and she’s invited me to a meeting on Monday. I’m really excited. I really hope they like my ideas and my style.

Speaking of which, I have a new article up over at College Fashion on one of my favourite prints- leopard!! Go over and have a read and tell me what you think!! I have also just been invited to participate in a new website, The Shopping Forecast. I am a style councillor over there, which means basically I submit to the site items I think will be huge next season and you guys can go vote on my selections!! And hopefully, between us WE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE. Of fashion :]]

Well I feel that I should be talking about Friday seeing as that was when these photos were taken, and plus the photos from yesterday (Saturday) make sense if I talk about what I did on Saturday in conjunction with them. So, what did I do on Friday? Well for a bit of backstory, on Thursday I had my first Intercultural Communications class, which I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t looking forward to. It felt like a total waste of time. But I actually quite enjoyed it!!

tshirt- david and goliath skirt- H&M denim jacket- new look leggings- unknown converse- converse jewellery- as always

We basically meet up once a week and have a discussion, and then we go off and do something fun like bowling or go out for pizza!! And then once a fortnight we have to meet up with someone in our class and do something fun and discuss our culture!! So after class on Thursday we went out for drinks (well, I had a lemonade. Urgh) and chatted to people in our class. I had a really good time, it was really interesting!! I have plenty of material for my first assignment, and I had also made plans for Katie to come out with us on Friday so I have two to write up now!!

I finished classes at 12pm on Friday and went to the gym, but then found out my internet had been cut off AGAIN. I spent most of the day in the Tech Center, AGAIN. But I did find out the UMD store has a teddy of a panda in a UMD hoodie. WANT!! I love pandas :]]] I need to get a UMD tshirt though- the Bulldogs have a game next weekend!!

One photo.

But in the evening we’d planned to go out to an Improv. Night at the Zinema. So Lauren and I met up with Katie from my Intercultural Communications class and Laura (who we love!!) and her friends and went out for a drink first at a little “English pub.” It was funny really; it was like a caricature of an English pub. I found it all quite funny and ironic really. Here I am, in America, in an English “pub.” But it’s all worth it for free refills on soft drinks nearly everywhere in America!! We then went to another bar and ordered a big artichoke dip between us all (it was amazing) and had some more drinks and a really great chat. Then all the Swedish guys arrived and we headed to the Zinema.

I actually found it really, really funny. Okay, American humour isn’t quite the same as mine. A lot of it was a bit stupid; I am a big Russell Brand fan- I like clever, sophisticated humour. But generally, I had a really, really good time. I’d definitely like to go again!!

But by the end Lauren and I were shattered and plus, we couldn’t go out anyway. We went home and had a cup of tea and I finally got to bed at 2am!! A great night though :]]

I’ll tell you all about Saturday in my next post, and today if anything exciting happens, but I doubt it!! Today is a day of homework and the gym, and maybe the VMAs- which I’d like to watch. Oh and trying to sort out what is wrong with my skin :[[[ I think I’m allergic to something. Red, itchy, dry skin is not in style right now.

Have a fantastic weekend, I’ll be back soon!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. we have the same bedspread and sheets. random but yea. Love the photos!

  2. HAHAHAHA CHARLOTTEY, I like how you described Russel Brand as sophistocated humour, because he uses big words?!!! You crazy kid. I think Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie and Hugh Dennis are sophistocated humour!!!! I like your skirt though where is it from?! TAR-JAAYY?! I couldn't do the posh-ness of it in cyberspace. I'M IN SPAIN:D does it come up on your little stats that someone from spain is reading because that's meeeeeeeeeee. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. i LOVE those cons...i've been wanting a pink pair, you may have sealed the deal!


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