Shut up and let me see your jazz hands


As you can see, this was a bit of an experiment. Can I wear a bandage skirt over a playsuit? Apparently so!! There are a few places where it's bunched up and bit but I'm pretty chuffed with this because I really didn't think it would work :]] I did initially have it on with a red scarf and a red cardigan, but I have worn a lot of red lately!! I already wore this playsuit with red on monday

I am loving My Chemical Romance's new album, by the way. I loved this band more than life itself when I was a teenager and it brings all that love and excitement back, which I love. I can't wait to see them again in April :]]

Last night was so much fun. We got all dressed up and made dinner and cookies and cake and decorated a little tree and watched Love Actually. It was definitely what I needed after a stressful week. Talking of which, it's almost 12pm now and I've made myself a lovely salmon salad and some cut up apple for my mum to take to the library with me. I am not allowed to come home until I have 8 pages of my Shakespeare essay done. I think I should be okay. I might need a vending machine trip or two though. Peanut butter cups and diet coke anyone?

playsuit (worn as top)- primark
snood- new look
skirt- top shop

I decided to wear pink lips for a change today. I love my red but I fancied something a bit different. What do you think? I bought this lip gloss ages ago and wasn't sure if it suited me but I actually quite like it!! I'm really enjoying wearing lip colour instead of just dark eyes and bare lips.

Gotta say, I'm really proud of myself for getting through this week. I had a lot of work to do, and I still have a lot more to do this week, but I'm ready for one more week. I have three assignments due in this week and one take-home final due Friday, and then my finals start a week today, but to be honest, I've been so stressed out with assignments I've not really had time to panic about them yet!!

What do you think of the playsuit-as-top remix?

Charlotte xxx


  1. If this playsuit were a dress I would be scouring ebay for it right now. Daisy print? yes please c: x

  2. Skirt over the playsuit looks fab darl :)

    L x

  3. This experiment is a success! It works wonderfully. And I love the pink lips. I rely too much on red and need to try pink like this. Thanks for being a role-model. :)

  4. aww this is such a sweet outfit. i loove it :), you're so pretty girl! :) and thanks so much for following my blog, i really appreciate it. i'm now following yours too! :) hope you're having a lovely weekend! <3

    <3, Kathleen.

  5. your experiment worked! you look great & i ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! :)

    p.s. thanks for the follow

  6. My absolute favorite thing to do is using one clothing item as another!!! So cute.

  7. skirt over a playsuit, so clever. i think it looks great, might actually have to try that one myself.
    my chemical romance have released a new album? ohh i loved them when I was a teen too, back in my partial emo days lol. im gonna have to check it out. Scrapbook de la Emma

  8. the skirt over the playsuit is such a great idea!!! it looks wonderful, oh man i just got the biggest craving for peanut butter cups now :)

  9. Oh my goodness, you look gorgeous! I love everything, and I mean everything, about your ensemble! "Love Actually", cookies, and tree-decorating sounds like a lovely evening to me!

  10. I have that playsuit what a great new quirky way of wearing it.Id never do that if i had been out drinking though could you imagine trying to get all that off drunk? hahaha,great blog!


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