Going Dotty.

One of my nicknames is actually Dotty. Or Dots. My auntie calls it me. It started as Lottie Dottie and then became Dots or Dotty. I love it. I love weird, unusual nicknames :]]

Today was actually the loveliest day ever. It hit 88 degree Fahrenheit this afternoon. It's just been lovely. All I wanted to do all day was sit outside. And in fact, I spent a fair bit of my day outside. Even doing homework isn't as bad when you're sat on a bench in the sunshine. Although here in Duluth, the minute the sun goes down the temperature just drops completely. One minute you're lovely and warm and content, the next minute you're hunting for a cardigan!!

But because of the lovely weather, I was at a loss of what to wear!! I almost reached for this dress, but Lauren (who took all these lovely photos) had already told me she'd rented out a camera today and so I didn't want to wear something I'd already shown on here. If you keep up with my other writing, you'll know that I did a post for College Fashion this week on polka dots, so this dress is in the name of practising what I preach!! My mum actually had this dress first and I really, really wanted to borrow it. In the end she got me one in the sale- yay!!

Ah yes, and the pretentious fashion glasses? I saw them a few weeks ago and berated myself for not buying them. I went to get them back a week later. I know they're nerdy and pretentious and the irony is that I'm wearing contacts under them, but I kinda liked the look of them with my outfit. They're just fun. They go with my 50s housewife look!!

Isn't this big circle thing cool?! Lauren and I saw it the other day and I thought, that would be so much fun for outfit pictures!! We got some strange looks when I was lying around in it, but I think people were just interested in what we were doing. We didn't get a chance to give out any business cards though!! Although I missed an opportunity when a girl came past and said she loved my dress!!

We found some hand cuffs attached to this sign and Lauren thought it would make a great picture to have me putting my wrist in them. I was a bit scared I might get stuck!!

Sorry for the insane number of photos again. I just love any shoots done with SLRs. You can really tell the difference. And plus they barely need any editing, which I love. I am a photoshop junkie, but sometimes I love to have photos good enough that all you need is a nice ol' soft light layer and you're ready to go!!

I was skyping my parents today and we were talking about my future camera- yay!! I definitely want to get a remote and a portrait lens (which I'll probably just get off ebay). Do any of you SLR owners (and bloggers) have an specific lenses that you'd recommend to have, especially for self portraits? I'd love some tips!!

dress- oasis belt- dorothy perkins socks- new look shoes- target glasses- ragstock

Oh my, last night we had an Intercultural Communications trip to a Haunted Ghost Ship Tour. Basically, one of those "tours" where people are all dressed up in costumes and they follow you and scream at you and basically scare the life out of you for half an hour!! I am a massive wuss (I hate horrow films!!) and I think I just screamed the whole way round!! I tried to reason with them by saying "please don't follow me!!". Are you surprised that didn't work? I was...

The Swedish boys are threatening to drag Lauren and I out tonight. We were planning on going to the cinema, but it was so nice outside we just wanted to chill out and not rush. Hoping it'll be a movie and an early night tonight. I have SO much homework this weekend, and we're going on a boat trip tomorrow, which should be really nice!! I'll make sure I get lots of good photos :]]]

Have a lovely Friday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. craving that polka dot dress of yours :) super lovely!! & always great photos!!

  2. It's one lovely dress and a classic print.:D Looks great on you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Very cute dress :) I've been eyeing a nude colored dress with black polka dots for about a week now...


  4. that dress is so darling.I love it on you!
    who ever chose to add those cute black shoes with those
    adorable white socks could not have picked anything better.
    I bet people loved this on you.I think it is
    so stylish.

  5. I love the polka dot dress and your hair is just brilliant, such a great look to wear. Check out my blog and if you like follow would mean a lot.


    x JChoudhury


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