Sweet Disposition

I know you're all thinking "Charlotte, we get it. You really love (500) Days of Summer. And the soundtrack. We get it." but I don't care. It's a fantastic film. I'm listening to the soundtrack again now. When I listen to it I watch the film in my head.

"No-one's got it all"

Thank god that my box of clothes is in Minneapolis because I'm getting seriously low on clothes. I mean it is nice to find new combinations but it's stressful when you have a blog!! I might have to have a few days off with some non-outfit posts so I can re-wear a couple of outfits!! I kinda like the way this came together though, except I only realised at the end of the day that these are my navy tights, not my purple tights!! I only realised when I looked through these pictures!!

This cardigan has popped up a lot this week hasn't it!! I think for me, mustard yellow and tan brown just scream autumn to me. I even blend in with the trees!! I was glad I could wear something as summery as this floral playsuit with tights and boots and fell completely autumn-appropriate. And oh, you;re not dreaming it's the 80s again, I am in fact wearing a blue smokey eye. I was quite impressed with how it turned out actually!! I love a nice bright eyeshadow sometimes!!

Today was a fun day. I got up early and managed to get nearly all my homework for the day done-yay!! Especially as I have a test on monday and a paper proposal due tuesday. boo!! Then we headed downtown and went on a boat trip round Lake Superior!! One bit of advice I will give you- wear more layers than I did!! I spent a lot of the trip inside because it was just too cold in a cardigan!! It was fantastic though and I got some great photos...

Like everyone else who lives in Duluth, I have a love affair with this bridge. It's so amazing. I'm just completely fascinated by it. There's also one other thing I love about downtown Duluth...

Coldstone!! I love their ice cream SO much. I would never consider myself to be an ice cream person, or even a sweet toothed person, but God, I could eat their ice cream all day!! This was Cheesecake Fantasy, and last time I had Peanut Butter Cup... Dream? Something about peanut butter cups!! (my favourite chocolate in America!!) Next time Lauren and I have vowed to make our own. I think mine will probably involve gummy worms...

playsuit- H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams cardigan- H&M belt- dorothy perkins boots- barratts owl- Forever 21 tights- New Look

I look so coy in this picture- Lauren laughed when she took it!! It was meant to look cute, promise!!

Tomorrow should be a good day. It's my housemate Kait's birthday so her brother and her fiancĂ© are coming up here for lunch/dinner with a few of us which should be really fun. Sunday's usually consist of homework and boredom but this should make the week a little more exciting. Lauren and I are going to Canada next weekend too with the International Office, which should be fun!! I'm glad we're keeping busy, I think I'd sink into homesickness much more if I wasn't. We're also hoping to go see a really big local band on Thursday and then Friday I really need to get my Hallow e'en costume sorted. I want to be Sue Sylvester so I need a short blonde wig and a tracksuit!! 

I'm hoping to get a few more fun, interest posts up in the next few days. Don't get me wrong, I love outfit posts, but I know how much I love to read something a little different, a little thoughtful. I have a few ideas anyway, so we'll see what happens!!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Oh wow! What a great Outfit. You're beautiful!
    It's such a lovely Blog you have here.
    Follow you now! Follow me back?
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles :)

  2. I love this look. They way you put all these colors together is just wonderful. Really, really great. this cardigan of yours is the perfect fall shade


  3. Desperately trying to catch up on all posts here. So I picked out my favourite one of your outfit posts, I love the colours in this they are so vibrant and bright up the autumn days. :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  4. I love all of the colours in this outfit!!! your romper is so cute and it looks so good with those tights!! the pictures are gorgeous :)

  5. I adore everything about this post! The sweet little playsuit, the awesome pop of color from the cardigan (and the fact that it perfectly matches the leaves bind you), and all the fabulous fabulous accessories! You look perfect for autumn, and the photos are fabulous. That picture of the coldstone ice cream looks too good!


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