something old, something new

This is my new baby, my Mulberry for Target bag. I just had to take a few pictures of it because it's so garish and lovely!! I'm so glad I finally got hold of one.
My box of clothes from home arrived on Wednesday, so I thought I'd take a few photos of some of the things that arrived in my box...

tutu skirt- seen here

A lovely present from my Mummy :]]]

I am so glad to have gravy back in my life.

I forgot how good Cadbury's chocolate is

PS: I'm away in Canada this weekend so I'll be about in Monday :]]]



  1. I love the colour and the design of your bag, very fabulous. I just featured the stripe jumper on my Winter wish list, love it.

    Great blog btw am now following.

  2. I love the tutu skirt ! Why in the name of God we haven't got Target in France ? Whyyyyyy ?

    See U !

  3. Love that bag, even hough i'm not much one for pink.... and aww care packages are awesome no? :)

  4. Hello lovely girl! It's Amber Rose ( of the possible clothing swap!Just popping by your blog dearie.

  5. cool stuff! i really like the striped sweater with the roses on the shoulders, its adorable,
    and oh yes, cadburry is deffinitly good!

  6. That bag is immense! Holy shit!


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