52 Books in 52 Weeks

Okay, I admit, I probably won't do this, at least not for the whole year. But I just finished Mario Puzo's The Godfather for my Literature into Film class, and I was absolutely devastated when it was over.
Being an English and American Studies student (I take mainly literature courses for the ACS side of my degree) I never get time to read for pleasure during the academic year. I just have my summer, a few golden weeks of freedom when I can sit and read for hours. I have an addiction to buying books too, which makes me especially sad when I don't get enough time to read them.
But the workload here is very different and while I'm potentially more busy here than I am at home (I could never hold down a part-time job, dance 5 hours a week and do all the writing that I do over here, but I manage it at home despite the workload), my homework is for every class, due in two days time, and takes up a lot of my day, I've found time to read and it's enlightening.
So I've decided to see how I get on.
I've just started David Nicholls' One Day and I literally cannot put it down. I bought it on Tuesday and so far am 200 pages in. It's just fantastic. So I decided I was going to get my mum to send me some of the books I haven't read from home.
Then I decided, just to see, what the library was like here. Our library at Birmingham is fantastic,but it's much more academic than literary. And plus I usually hate to borrow books because I love to own them. I love owning my own books. I love to buy them, flick back through them, re-read them. You can't do that with library books.
But it turns out the library here is good, and I can get a lot of the books that I already have lulling around at home.
During the next few weeks I plan to read-

Martin Amis-Money
I read this in college but can't remember any of it. It's kind of light reading practise for my dissertation- I think this is the kind of thing I want to write on.

Milan Kundera- The Unbearable Lightness of Being
I'd intended to read this over summer but never got round to it. I've heard it's great.

Jay McInerney- Bright Lights, Big City and Brightness Falls
You might know that I'm a huge Bret Easton Ellis fan, and him and McInerney are apparently like BFFs. I haven't read any of his work before but I'm excited :]]

I think I can find enough books this semester to read, I may have to get a few from home though. I'm excited to get back into reading though. I just hope I enjoy the books!! I get bored if I don't find something interesting- I hate books that are hard to get into even when I know they're worth it in the end.

Finally, one of my favourite quotes:

There are two motives for reading a book;
one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it. 



  1. AHHH!!! L-O-V-E that quote :]]

  2. I love reading too and I'm having problems finding time to read now that I've just started my second year at uni. I always find I either go through books so quickly that I run out of books to read and have to buy more or I've got a massive pile up of books to read (ie. now!). And I have some from the library I really want to read that are due back soon =D


  3. You sounds exactly like me! I love reading, I carry a book with me everywhere, any spare moment I get I'll be reading. And now I've finished University I get read so much more!

    L x

    P.S Jay McInerney- Bright Lights, Big City and Brightness Falls - Do tell me what you think, I haven't read it yet but it's on my to read list!

  4. oh i love to read so much!!! i always got teased in elementary school because i would rather read then play video games. Although i tend to like the fluffy chick flicks because i read so much with school work. I am definitely going to check out some on your list because i think i need to read some more intellectual books then um the shopaholic series lol


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