Winter Look Book

I have to be completely honest, I wasn't prepared for this.
Yesterday there was snow on the ground.
A few weeks ago I was carefree in just a cardigan. I was enjoying the autumn cool and freedom from a coat or jacket.
Suddenly, it's winter.
I am freaking out about what I'm going to wear. I've found a few pairs of snow boots that I like but I am at a complete loss for jumpers and cardigans. I need a really big shopping trip!!
I need warm clothes and thermal underwear!!
I am starting to freak out a little bit about what I'm going to wear the next few months and how I'm going to keep this blog up when my priority will be keeping warm. So far I'm doing okay.
Today it's tailored shorts, woolly tights, fur gillet, boots and fur coat. I'll be okay like this for another few weeks.
But then I'm scared. Entering the great unknown.
It gets cold at home, of course it does, but not this cold.
So I decided I needed to get inspired. Here is a little selection of some of my favourite winter outfits, courtesy of Chictopia:

Clockwise from top- barkatt, 5inchandup, chrissiewhite, flattery, jujubabyy, kisforkani, miss elizabeth, magpie_girl, kisforkani, frouu, colormeana, beware_of_my_heels

What is inspiring you for winter clothing?

Charlotte xxx


  1. oh goodness snow already?!! that is so early!! i am really worried about taking outfit pictures in winter as well. I don't think i will be able to leave my coat and mittens off for more then a few minutes when it is below minus fifteen!! stocking up on winter things is a total priority!! your fur coat sounds so lovely (i am so envious lol).

  2. No, sweets, I don't mind at all! Honored, in fact - thank you!

    Loving your outfit-pictures in the previous post! Out-door pictures are the best <3

  3. Arr i dont mind at all lovely :)
    It's a compliment!

    Your style is great by the way,
    Check out my blog.

    Yours, Elizabeth.


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