Where do you like your blogs to fall on the "are you a robot?", TMI scale?

Bloggers are always discussing how personal they are on their blogs, and where their level of comfort lies in telling their readers about their lives.
Some settle for anonymous blogs. Allowing them to tell the world everything about their lives except their identities. Others just choose to give limited information about their lives, even though their identity is revealed.
Some keep their blog a secret from the people close to them in their "real lives."
Some people find it unprofessional to share the intimate details of their lives with their readers, some just don't find it appropriate.
But what do readers think? Where do you stand?
I am very open and honest in my blog, but that is just my nature. I've always been a very open person. Obviously I don't spew my darkest secrets to strangers on the bus, but I find openness an important tool in communication. I feel that my blog reflects this.
I also keep my blog open and honest because at the moment I'm a long way from home. My blog is a place for me to keep in contact with the people I love back home. It's a way for them to feel like they still know where I'm up to and what I'm doing without having to speak to me every day. And it's comforting for me to know that my friends and family feel included.
My blog is also a therapeutic space for me. It's cathartic. I don't use it as a journal, not at all. I'm very careful about seeming unprofessional or upsetting anyway. I am frequently unsubtle, but I never name names.
I don't treat my blog in the same way that I treat other sites that I write for. I don't limit what I say or re-write, or work to deadlines or word counts. I use this space as a personal reflection for my self.
I also allow people in my own life to read my blog. I link my blog to facebook and am fully aware that people I know, or once knew read my blog. It was scary at first, but now I accept it. My blog is part of me.

I like to read personal blogs. I like to feel like I know the person who is writing, I like to know what they're doing.
I don't expect detailed information, and not would I want that. But sometimes I want more than just the photos of your outfit. I want to feel a connection, a relationship.
This is my view on personal style blogs.
But a whole new set of rules appears for other blogs.
For example, I love style blogs that are just about style. I like them for tips and advice and learning. Sometimes I don't need personality or opinions- I just want advice.
 But on the other hand there are other blogs that I love because they are so personal. Rosie's blog for example, is so honest and I love that. College Candy I love too because it's written by real girls with real issues, and the site accommodates that.

I used to use Livejournal many, many years ago, and I kept that completely private.
I named names, talked about my inner feelings and struggles I was having.
I kept that separate from my real life, from people who knew me.
That was the easiest way.
But I try to avoid being too personal here. I know I do sometimes, and I usually regret my more self-indulgent posts, but I hope that I never over-share.

Where do you lie on this scale? Do you like blogs with lots of writing, lots of personal details? Or do you just read blogs to gain information and see outfits? Do you think bloggers overshare too much, or do you sometimes feel completely disconnected to the writer and wish you knew them more?
I'd be really interested to hear what you think.

Charlotte xxx


  1. I've only been blogging for a few months, so I'm still trying to figure this out for myself. My blog really isn't about fashion or anything in particular, and that's kind of my theme: my thoughts and interests, presented in a (hopefully) cohesive way. I do discuss some personal things, like when I go on a trip or do something I think my readers would be interested in knowing. Though that's hard to judge: just because I think it's cool doesn't mean others will too. I'm open about blogging with my real life friends, and sometimes I'll mention them if it's ok with their permission and it's relevant.. This is an interesting question though..

  2. Thank you for linking me gorgeous <3

    My view on blogging is: if you care too much what people think, you shouldnt be blogging. A personal diary is probably more up your street.

    I try to be open, but unfortunately some of my friends link their blogs to Facebook and Im terrified of being reblogged and shown to colleages... Im happy with my friends knowing that I got laid or got drunk or threw up, but it doesnt need to be part of work!

    I was thinking of starting an anon blog, but then I'd probably be too obvious and someone will figure me out. SO until now, I'll just keep blogging fit people, nice songs, nice clothes and hope for the best :)


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